Online crowdfunding is proving to be both a comfort and a source of substantial funds for Darren Wilson.

After resigning from the Ferguson, Missouri, police force without severance pay, Wilson apparently has no job prospects; and he still faces all sorts of daunting challenges — both legal and safety-related — despite not being indicted by the grand jury in the August death of Michael Brown.

But Darren Wilson and his new wife will reportedly be receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from online donation efforts organized by an anonymous supporter. In fact, according to a post on, the amount of money pouring in from crowdfunding could soon exceed $1 million.

The woman who founded the movement to support Darren Wilson has spoken out and revealed that the Ferguson police officer could have a $1 million war chest.

The supporter said that she knew of at least $500,000 from two donation funds set up in his name but that was a ‘conservative estimate’ – and the total could be seven figures.

Shortly after then-officer Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown in a confrontation on a residential Ferguson street, other crowdfunding sites were launched that reportedly raised a good deal of money for Wilson before the sites were shut down as violent protests over the killing intensified.

It’s likely that Darren Wilson will need whatever money can be raised on his behalf for more than everyday living expenses. Not only is Eric Holder’s Justice Department continuing its investigation into whether civil rights charges will be filed against the former Ferguson cop, but the parents of Michael Brown have indicated they may sue Wilson in civil court.

The effort to secure online donations for Darren Wilson is not the only crowdfunding initiative related to the Ferguson shooting and the resulting unrest, which included well documented vandalism, looting, and arson.

A downtown Ferguson bakery, Natalie’s Cakes and More, which was badly damaged during the rioting, has reportedly received over a quarter-of-a-million dollars in donations from hundreds of supporters.

Plus, there’s an online effort to raise money for an independent film about Ferguson and race relations in America. With a crowdfunding site set up at, the project is billed as a “response to the growing problem of racial disparity due to the ongoing dehumanization of black men.”

Currently, the effort to crowdfund “American Race” has not been nearly as successful as either the Darren Wilson donation initiative or the bakery project. Supporters wanting to see the film made have pledged only about $6500 — a quarter of its $25,000 goal.

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