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The TRIUNE God concept at last defined for the rest of you poor peons. PS: You’re Welcome.

August 11, 2013

According to the Book of Isaiah (Yishayahu) G*D ONLY WANTS US TO REASON WITH HIM – and so He despises empty rituals which only imitate reasoned thinking, and it asserts that the smell of the smoke from burnt offering makes Him want to puke! And this is the ONLY Old Tanakh Book which Jesus (Yehoshua/Yeshua) ever specifically quoted from, claiming that this version alone is the sort of “G*d” He Is!

False “Faith” (as endorsed by the false apostle, Psaul) is NOT REASON!

Even the Jews believe in the Triune God: only Muhammad had no understanding of the Trinity concept, assuming it meant God, Jesus, and Mary, when in fact it always meant that only God experienced the Past (which is the Father of the) Present, and of the Future Unknown (holy ‘ghost’), as is evident in the Jewish Name of God: Yod Hey Vav Hey, a combination of the word “HAYA” (was), Hove (is) and Ihiye (will be). And this also refers to the three states of matter, namely the solid, static past, the fluid present, and the nebulous future states. And, since Jesus exists with us (as His Father only ever wanted to REASON with us, as in Isaiah) He is also the Son (as are we all – except the moslem criminals, who live in the past) here in the present.

So: silly moslems! Go back to Mecca and spin yourselves even sillier as you run around in backwards circles around your black rock idol! Questioning, admiring and imitating God and science are part of God’s spirit-expanding tools of reason, while backwards superstitious mumbo-jumbo, fear and blind obedience (including false proclamations of mindless faith) are the exact opposite – the tools of satan!

PS: As a final note, since there is no letter “J” in Hebrew, (which is why “Jews” as followers of King Yehudah, are more correctly known as Yehudis) the correct spellingĀ  has always been YHVH, not JHVH. This acronym is best pronounced as Yahweh, and not as Jove (as the Romans had it) nor even as “Jehovah.”