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February 13, 2015

Diversity(HT to Sheik Yer’Mami, over at Winds of Jihad)!

Liberals may secretly know and admit that there is really only one human “race,” albeit many different breeds.

I know it’s a difficult concept for them to accept, but there’s really only two “cultures” or “creeds” among them all:

Civilization (where people agree to not attack thereby innocent others first) and Crime (where they pretend they have a false right to do anything they want TO others, as long as they pretend they’re doing it FOR them – for their own good).

And pretending the different breeds automatically think differently, or are entitled, through tradition (habit) to inherit a crime-creed like islam, is the very definition of that “racism” meme the leftist criminals always slander the civilized people with.


LIBERAL IDOLATERS DIVIDE THE WORLD INTO TWO IDEAL IDEAS: OPPRESSED minorities, AND majority OPPRESSORS; the oppressed can do no wrong, because their crimes will always be viewed as reactions against oppression (regardless of actual cause and effect) and the oppressors – which includes all Western society – can never do anything right, and their attempts to do so will always be seen as cringing, less than optimal repayments covering their crimes!

And, although Blacks and Whites are on exact, equal par worldwide, liberal racists will support them as “minorities” here in the West, until, that is, they have succeeded in their obvious plans to import enough non Whites here to supplant us all; but by then, it will be far too late.



As Nikola Bijeliti put it:

When our leaders talk about “diversity,” they always mean “fewer White people.”

When they say “Diversity is our greatest strength,” they mean “White people are our greatest weakness.”
Diversity means chasing down every last White person.

Diversity is a codeword for White genocide.
Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

Have you ever noticed that all of the “Director of Diversity” positions in colleges and corporations are staffed by black women or some other victim group?

Apparently white people can’t know anything about diversity.


Multiculturalism is being promoted in every White country on the earth, and ONLY in White countries.
The purpose of multiculturalism is to turn every White country into a non-White country. Under international law, that constitutes genocide. Any White person who opposes this is called a racist.
But White people are now coming to realize two things:
That multiculturalism is a codeword for White genocide.
That anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

Revealed: Canadian Spy Program Illustrates “Giant X-Ray Machine Over All Our Digital Lives”

January 30, 2015

From here:

Latest revelation from Snowden archive shows CSE has been monitoring, analyzing, and tracking millions of people who utilize popular file-sharing websites

Rapidshare was one of three file-sharing websites targeted in the spy agency’s surveillance. (Photo: Evan Mitsui/CBC)

Newly released documents contained in the archive of materials leaked to journalists by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden reveals that Canada’s spy agency, the Communications Security Establishment, has been operating a covert, mass surveillance program designed to monitor the downloads of millions of Internet users around the world.

Reported jointly by The Intercept and the CBC on Wednesday, the revelations center on a slide presentation detailing a CSE program called LEVITATION which secretly “taps into Internet cables and analyzes records of up to 15 million downloads daily from popular websites commonly used to share videos, photographs, music, and other files.”

According to the CBC:

The presentation provides a rare glimpse into Canada’s cyber-sleuthing capabilities and its use of its spy partners’ immense databases to track the online traffic of millions of people around the world, including Canadians.

That glimpse may be of even greater interest now that the Harper government plans to introduce new legislation increasing the powers of Canada’s security agencies.

Though Canada’s always been described as a junior partner in the Five Eyes spying partnership, which includes the U.S., Britain, New Zealand and Australia, this document shows it led the way in developing this new extremist-tracking tool.

Asked for his assessment of the surveillance program by The Intercept’s Ryan Gallagher and Glenn Greenwald, Ron Deibert, director of University of Toronto-based Internet security think tank Citizen Lab, said LEVITATION illustrates just how powerful the world’s intelligence agencies have become and described their myriad spy tools as a “giant X-ray machine over all our digital lives.”

After reviewing the details of the program, Deibert said, “Every single thing that you do – in this case uploading/downloading files to these sites – that act is being archived, collected and analyzed.”

CBC’s reporting describes how the CSE was able to use their technology “to access data from 102 free file upload sites, though only three file-host companies are named: Sendspace, Rapidshare and the now-defunct Megaupload.”

According to The Intercept:

The ostensible aim of the surveillance is to sift through vast amounts of data to identify people uploading or downloading content that could be connected to terrorism – such as bomb-making guides and hostage videos.

In the process, however, CSE combs through huge volumes of data showing uploads and downloads initiated by Internet users not suspected of any wrongdoing.

In a top-secret PowerPoint presentation, dated from mid-2012, an analyst from the agency jokes about how, while hunting for extremists, the LEVITATION system gets clogged with information on innocuous downloads of the musical TV series Glee.

CSE finds some 350 “interesting” downloads each month, the presentation notes, a number that amounts to less than 0.0001 per cent of the total collected data.

Commenting within CBC’s reporting, Greenwald said an important thing to note about this latest revelation, especially for Canadians, is that “it’s really the first time that a story has been reported that involves [CSE] as the lead agency in a program of pure mass surveillance.”

Begging further questions, Tamir Israel, a lawyer with the University of Ottawa’s Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, speculated about what the LEVITATION program says about other CSE operations which remain in the dark.  “The specific uses that they talk about in this context may not be the problem,” he told the CBC, “but it’s what else they can do.”


January 16, 2015

Duke University is now a willing complicit accessory enabling the criminal call for our destruction!

Franklin Graham slams Duke University for it’s endorsing the muslim call to prayer:

Franklin Graham

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (TNS) — Evangelist Franklin Graham took to Facebook to blast Duke University after the school announced a Muslim student group will chant a weekly call-to-prayer starting Friday.

Graham, the son of evangelist Billy Graham, urged people to withdraw their support of Duke until the policy is reversed.

“As Christianity is being excluded from the public square and followers of Islam are raping, butchering, and beheading Christians, Jews, and anyone who doesn’t submit to their Sharia Islamic law, Duke is promoting this in the name of religious pluralism,” Graham wrote on his Facebook page.

The Duke Muslim Students Association said they would do the three-minute chant, called the “adhan,” to announce the start of their weekly prayer service.

“The collective Muslim community is truly grateful and excited about Duke’s intentionality toward religious and cultural diversity,” Imam Adeel Zeb, Muslim chaplain at Duke, said in a statement.

–Adam Bell
The Charlotte Observer

And Canadian muslim leader Tarek Fatah recently told the Toronto Sun that, “at least when living among non-Muslims, we should avoid praying for their defeat at the hands of Muslims. I wanted to encourage Muslims entering the mosque to join those Muslims who renounce jihad, denounce Islamist terror and stand by the right of free expression, even of people who insult our Prophet.”
That prayer is: “O Allah, pour patience upon Muslims, strengthen their feet and give them victory over ‘Qawm -el Kafiroon’ (Non-Muslims).

“O Allah, give victory to our brothers the Muslims, the oppressed, the tyrannized and the ‘Mujahedeen’ (those who fight jihad against non-Muslims)”.

Qur’an suras 2.286, 9.33 and very likely 3.147 are cited, at least part of the last hot salat quote can be found there.

Sniveling media cowards refuse to show cartoons

January 9, 2015

It’s been how long since 9/11 brought islam to the world’s attention again?!

The enemedia presstitutes’ jobs should be to do simple, basic research into the subjects they pontificate on.

When they put up their fact-free opinions in stead of those obvious facts, they are committing the CRIME of slanderous, victim-blaming criminally-negligent FRAUD.


With islam, they are all willing accessories and complicit enablers of this ancient yet ongoing extortion-racket CRIME-syndicate fraudulently advertised as the “religion” of islam, and as such they are aiding and abetting these “holy mobsters'” human-trafficking slavery and murder crimes.

They should be arrested charged indicted tried and sentenced.


From here:

Prophet Muhammad cartoon in Quebec papers after Charlie Hebdo shooting
English-language Montreal Gazette opts against publishing image, Radio-Canada runs it sparingly

CBC News Posted: Jan 08, 2015 8:35 AM ETLast Updated: Jan 08, 2015 4:35 PM ET

Quebec French-language newspapers decided to run a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo.

Quebec French-language newspapers decided to run a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo. (CBC)


Why not publish Prophet Muhammad caricatures?

Related Stories

Quebec’s major French-language newspapers have jointly published a Charlie Hebdo editorial cartoon featuring the Prophet Muhammad, in a show of solidarity with the satirical Paris newspaper where 12 people were killed on Wednesday.

The cartoon shows the half-hidden, grimacing face of the Prophet Muhammad, saying, “It’s tough to be loved by idiots.”

The French-language newspapers that published the cartoon are:

  • Le Devoir.
  • Le Journal de Montréal.
  • Le Journal de Québec.
  • 24 Heures.
  • La Presse.
  • Le Soleil.
  • Le Quotidien.
  • Le Droit.
  • La Tribune.
  • La Voix de l’Est.
  • Le Nouveliste and Métro.

In a joint statement published alongside the cartoon, the newspapers explained they wanted to honour the victims of the Paris shootings, some workers at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, and show their support for the “fundamental principle of freedom of expression.”

“Attacking someone simply for their ideas and opinions is an unacceptable impediment to democracy,” the statement said.

Philosophy of respect

The Montreal Gazette, the English-language daily, decided not to run the same image, which was originally published in 2006.

Lucinda Chodan, editor in chief of the Gazette, said her newspaper’s parent company, Postmedia, has a long-standing policy against publishing depictions of the Prophet Muhammad.

“It isn’t political correctness or cowardice. It’s based on a philosophy of respect towards the Muslim faith,” she told Mike Finnerty, host of the CBC morning show Daybreak, on Thursday.

Stephane Charbonnier

Stephane Charbonnier also known as Charb , the publishing director of the satyric weekly Charlie Hebdo, who was killed in Wednesday’s shooting. (Michel Euler/The Associated Press)

Chodan added, however, that she supports her “colleagues in the francophone press who published the cartoon.”

“Of course, we also support Charlie Hebdo,” she said.

The Gazette showed that support with a rare banner headline in French, “Nous sommes tous Charlie,” which translates into, “We are all Charlie.”

Denise Bombardier, a columnist for Journal de Montréal, said she’s proud of the province’s French-language newspapers.

“It says something about political correctness and about courage,” she told Daybreak.

“I’m sad that the Gazette refused to do this, because I think that this is the war of the 21st century, and if we don’t react the way we did in our newspapers this morning, and in many newspapers around the world and in Europe, then this war is lost.”

Another columnist, Patrick Lagacé, who writes for La Presse, said concern for political correctness is much stronger in English-speaking countries, such as Canada and the United States, compared to French-language media in Quebec or France.

“I think the anglo world, English Canadians, are prisoners to political correctness when they make some judgment calls like that in the media,” he said.

‘It isn’t censorship,’ says CBC’s David Studer


CBC News has decided not to publish cartoons from Charlie Hebdo that feature the Prophet Muhammad.

“This is not a ban, and it isn’t censorship,” SNIVELING TRAITOR  David Studer, CBC’s director of Journalistic Standards and Practices, said in an email on Wednesday, reminding news staff of CBC’s long-established policy.

On Thursday January 8th, 2015, Studer gave a truly despicable interview on CBC’s “As It Happens” show.

“We are being consistent with our historic journalistic practices around this story, not because of fear, but out of respect for the beliefs and sensibilities of the mass of Muslim believers about images of the Prophet​. Similarly, we wouldn’t publish cartoons likely to dismay or outrage mainstream followers of other religions​.”

CBC’s French service, Radio-Canada, took a different approach and chose to run the cartoon on TV and its website.

Michel Cormier, Radio-Canada’s executive director of news and current affairs, said the image was used sparingly, and with the intention of providing context to the events unfolding in Paris.

“We’re trying to explain to people what’s happening,” he said.

  • Illustrator François Maumont posted his message of 'courage' for those affected by the Charlie Hebdo shootings Jan. 7, 2015. News of the deadly attack in Paris hit close to home for political cartoonists and other illustrators, who posted their reactions to the violent deaths of their fellow artists.
  • Illustrator François Maumont posted his message of ‘courage’ for those affected by the Charlie Hebdo shootings Jan. 7, 2015. News of the deadly attack in Paris hit close to home for political cartoonists and other illustrators, who posted their reactions to the violent deaths of their fellow artists. (François Maumont/Twitter)
1 of 8
The Religion of Suicide

This Is Your Brain On Islam!


Update from PB1 Ottawa Citizen, Saturday 10 January 2015, Christie Blatchford:

The CBC distinguished itself this week — thank you to the independent media critic Jesse Brown for this — with two bedwetting memos from its libtarded and treasonous coward “journalistic standards and practices director” David Studer.

“As we cover the shootings at Charlie Hebdo in Paris, there are obviously calls to make,” Studer wrote. “NN (the CBC News Network) has been doing a great job of handling this on the fly.

“Please bear in mind:

“We aren’t showing the video of the shooting of a police officer lying on the ground. It’s just too graphic and horrifying. NN is using a still of the moment and that’s a good solution.

“We aren’t showing cartoons making fun of the Prophet Muhammad. Other elements of Charlie Hebdo’s content and style are fine, but this area should be avoided as, quite simply, it’s offensive to Muslims as a group.”

French emergency doctors evacuate injured hostages. (Photo by Antoine Antoniol/Getty Images)

Later, Studer said in another note: “Many people are arguing that the violent actions in Paris today invite — some would say almost require — others to show solidarity with Charlie Hebdo by reprinting the offending cartoons. Some individuals, including politicians, are tweeting these images.

“I understand the impulse but don’t buy the logic.

“We wouldn’t have published these images before today — not out of fear, but out of respect for the beliefs and sensibilities of the mass of Muslim believers. Why would the actions of a gang of violent thugs force us to change that position?

“This isn’t the time for emotional responses or bravado. There are better ways to honour and stand beside our fellow journalists.”

Members of the French police special forces launch the assault at a kosher grocery store in Porte de Vincennes, eastern Paris. (THOMAS SAMSON/AFP/Getty Images)

What he meant, of course, was that there are safer ways to honour their dead fellows.

Studer is a graduate of Carleton University’s journalism program, now home to professor Karim H. Karim, who this week said in an interview that it’s not “helpful” to use words like “barbaric,” as Prime Minister Stephen Harper did about the Paris killers.

“When leaders do this a lot of people are listening,” Karim said. “When ‘barbaric’ gets attached to them, these are the kind of stereotypes and images that are being built up. What is achieved by using rhetoric like that?”

He and Studer appear to share the worrying view that the journalist’s role is to protect delicate readers and viewers from offence (I say this after reading some of Karim’s writing on journalism).

I think they’re both wrong: CBC should have shown the murder of police officer Ahmed Merabet, a Muslim, as he lay outside the Charlie Hebdo offices (because what better reveals a killer than that he shoots an already wounded man?) and the offending cartoons which provoked the 2011 firebombing of the magazine and apparently marked it as an acceptable target, and the prime minister was merely speaking accurately about what happened.

It’s not a time for rhetoric; Karim and I agree about that, just not what constitutes it.



Only THIS:



Oh, Canada! Man jailed for a year after anti-Islam speech spurs emergency-alarm on Toronto subway train

January 8, 2015

There is no right to free speech in Canada. None. And the Canadian Constitution fails to grant basic property rights either.

From here:

Eric Brazau is shown in this YouTube video frame grab.

YouTube Eric Brazau is shown in this YouTube video frame grab.

If Eric Brazau had any lingering doubt about how seriously Torontonians take the matter of their vaunted tolerance, it may have been dispelled Tuesday when a judge sentenced him to an extra year in jail for stepping into an apparent crucible of Canadian values — a subway train.

The 50-year-old Mr. Brazau is a convicted hate-monger and a bit of a crank who last July, with two acquaintances, decided to conduct a “social experiment” on the Toronto subway.

At the time, as the situation in Gaza was deteriorating, there were heated protests for and against Israel in the city.

Mr. Brazau’s idea was allegedly to provoke debate among riders, and to that end he boarded the train with an acquaintance decked out in Israeli colours and carrying an Israeli flag and another acquaintance who was to video the proceedings, while Mr. Brazau began loudly denouncing Islam and its holy book, the Koran.

But the stunt backfired when an offended passenger pressed the emergency alarm, causing the train to halt at the next station and ultimately, with Mr. Brazau refusing to leave the car, resulting in a half-hour service delay on the busy Bloor-Danforth line as rush hour approached.

Astonishingly in a province where those convicted of more serious offences regularly receive suspended sentences or house arrest, Mr. Brazau was denied bail and has been in custody since his arrest that day, July 29, or for five months and nine days.

Ontario Court Judge Gerald Lapkin smartly convicted Mr. Brazau of the three charges he was facing — breach of the peace (by interfering with Toronto Transit Commission service), causing a disturbance (by using insulting language) and breaching his probation on the earlier hate-mongering conviction.

“You had a ticket to ride,” Judge Lapkin told him. “Not a pass to harass.”

“You had a ticket to ride,” Judge Lapkin told him. “Not a pass to harass”

Later, as he was adding a weapons ban to Mr. Brazau’s conditions for the two years he will eventually spend on probation, Judge Lapkin snapped, “Language can be a weapon too, Mr. Brazau.”

Prosecutor Paul Zambonini had asked the judge to impose a sentence of “another six months in jail or more,” but the judge doubled that and gave Mr. Brazau a total sentence of 20 months for the three convictions, which, minus the eight months’ credit he received at a 1.5:1 rate for his time in pre-trial custody, means he will be behind bars another year.

It is surely a stern sentence for conduct that didn’t involve profanity or violence, as even Jasmina Dizdarevic, a mother who was in the subway car with her two youngsters and who testified in court, told the judge.

Ms. Dizdarevic noticed Mr. Brazau quickly. He was standing in the middle of the car, she said, “having fairly loud, argumentative, opinionated conversations … about his interpretations of the Koran and Islam and Muslim people.”

At a certain point, she said, an unidentified university-aged man objected to Mr. Brazau’s remarks and told him he was a Muslim who had “left my country to come to a peaceful place.” As he got off at the next stop, Ms. Dizdarevic said, the young man told Mr. Brazau it was nice to meet him and he respected him, to which Mr. Brazau replied, “It wasn’t nice to meet you and I hate, or I don’t like, Muslims.”

As all around her she said people gasped in horror, “I said, ‘Wow! Unbelievable!’” and at that point, Mr. Brazau turned his focus on her.

She said she felt intimidated, though not in danger, and the video shot by Mr. Brazau’s acquaintance, which was introduced at trial, shows the young mother holding her own.

At one point, she may have even raised the issue of Israel bombing Palestinians — the comment is barely audible on the video — but certainly, as Mr. Brazau said in his testimony, Ms. Dizdarevic “was giving as good as she got.”

Questioned by Mr. Brazau’s lawyer, Moshe Micha, she denied she “didn’t like what he [Mr. Brazau] said,” but said rather “I didn’t like how uncomfortable he was making people,” particularly three young women at the end of the car, whom she said were wearing the hijab and appeared to her to be keeping their eyes down so as not to draw Mr. Brazau’s attentions.

Still, things might have ended peaceably there — this tough young woman coolly holding her ground with the loutish Mr. Brazau — without incident. Ms. Dizdarevic was on her way to pick up her car from the mechanic’s, and on a deadline.

But a male passenger — unidentified, he didn’t testify — pressed the emergency button; the alarm is audible on the short video.

Ms. Dizdarevic said the man later told her he was worried about her, but she said she was never concerned for her children’s safety or that she couldn’t have walked away.

The train stopped at Islington station, where TTC officials tried to persuade Mr. Brazau to leave. But he was outraged by then — by the button-pusher, whom he accused of “showing his daughter the right way to be a Canadian!” — and refused.

After a short delay, the train continued to Kipling station (the end of the line), where TTC supervisor Kevin Ward tried to persuade Mr. Brazau to leave. For a time chaos ensued, as newly arriving passengers, followed by Mr. Brazau, bounced from train to train, trying to find one that would move, until finally, he was arrested by Toronto Police.

Asked by Mr. Zambonini if he didn’t think that his remarks would provoke “a response in the minds of most right-thinking Canadians” who pride themselves on their collective tolerance, Mr. Brazau replied that “You can react negatively, but I’m not sure that’s an emergency-button offence.”

Judge Lapkin gave Mr. Brazau the stiffest penalty, 10 months, for breaching his probation on the earlier hate-mongering offence, which saw him handing out graphic pamphlets about Muslims that he entitled, “They are here and breeding.”

Part of his conditions, imposed only several months before, were to keep the peace and be of good behaviour.

Ironically, Mr. Brazau said that as his “social experiment” began that day, “me and this other gentleman were having a conversation about whether we could [even] have the conversation.”

They have the answer, it appears — a resounding no.

Postmedia News

Libs, UN angry at Harper’s anti-Muslim Syrian refugee bias

December 24, 2014

Holy crap! I didn’t think Harper had it in him! Kudos! Does that mean he’s the only sane Western leader left? (Remember: Geert Wilders hasn’t been elected PM – yet)!

From here:

Government faces questions about anti-Muslim bias over Syrian refugees

Lee Berthiaume Ottawa Citizen
Published on: December 12, 2014

Displaced Syrian children sit on a tarp after heavy rains in the Bab Al-Salama camp for people fleeing the violence in Syria on December 11, 2014, on the border with Turkey. Aid workers fear a major humanitarian crisis for millions of Syrian refugees in the Middle East after funding gaps forced the United Nations to cut food assistance for 1.7 million people.

Displaced Syrian children sit on a tarp after heavy rains in the Bab Al-Salama camp for people fleeing the violence in Syria on December 11, 2014, on the border with Turkey. Aid workers fear a major humanitarian crisis for millions of Syrian refugees in the Middle East after funding gaps forced the United Nations to cut food assistance for 1.7 million people.

The Conservative government is facing renewed questions about an alleged anti-Muslim bias following revelations it wants to cherry-pick which Syrian refugees will be accepted into Canada.

Sources say the government wants to prioritize religious minorities as a condition for resettling thousands more Syrian refugees in Canada over the next two years.

But the United Nations has resisted Canada’s request, as its policy is to help the most vulnerable, no matter their religious background. This includes families led by women, torture victims and those with serious medical conditions.

The disagreement is reportedly why Canada remained silent at a major UN conference in Geneva this week as other countries promised to help the world body resettle 100,000 Syrian refugees by 2017.

Canada previously agreed to accept 1,300 Syrians by the end of this year, though fewer than 500 had arrived by mid-November.

About 3 million Syrians have fled into neighbouring Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq since fierce fighting between Syrian government and rebel forces erupted in 2011. The situation has worsened with the rise of the Islamic State (ISIL) and other extremist groups.

Costas Menegakis, who serves as parliamentary secretary to Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, defended the Conservative government’s focus on religious minorities in the House of Commons Friday.

“We have seen countless examples in recent years of people being persecuted for their religious beliefs,” he said. “We will prioritize persecuted ethnic and religious minorities, those at demonstrated risk, and we will make no apologies for that.”

Menegakis added that any suggestion the government was interested in helping only one group of people was “categorically false.”

The UN High Commission for Refugees’ representative in Canada, Furio de Angelis, was not available for comment Friday.

The desire to accept only religious minorities has sparked fresh concerns the Conservative government’s refusal to do more in response to the Syrian refugee crisis is because the majority of those affected are Muslim.

Sunni Muslims account for nearly three-quarters of all Syrians, according to the CIA Factbook, while other Muslim groups such as Shias, Alawis and Ismailis represent another 16 per cent of the population. Christians and a small number of Jews represent the remaining 10 per cent.

“Obviously that continues to linger as the concern here,” said Amnesty International Canada secretary-general Alex Neve. “That this in some way, shape or form is about the fact that the majority of refugees fleeing Syria are Muslim.”

Amnesty International is just one of many groups, including refugee organizations and the Syrian-Canadian community, as well as opposition parties, that have been pressing the government to open the doors to another 10,000 Syrian refugees.


Syrian Canadian Council spokesman Faisal Alazem said religious minorities make up an important and vibrant part of Syria’s culture, “and no one is suggesting that non-Muslims should not be protected.”


“But you treat people based on the need and on the vulnerability,” he said. “If the government is looking at the Middle East or Syria from only a sectarian angle, that would be a huge disappointment.”


NDP foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar accused the government of breaking from the international community as well as Canada’s own tradition of accepting those most in need of protection, no matter their backgrounds.



“It’s unprecedented and going in a terrible direction,” agreed Liberal immigration critic John McCallum. “I find this shocking. To impose a religious filter is just not right.”

The head of one of Canada’s largest Muslim organizations, the National Council of Canadian Muslims, issued a statement Friday saying he was “deeply troubled” and calling on the government to come clean on its intentions.

“It is inconceivable that our government would suggest implementing a policy that creates a two-tier refugee system in which vulnerable people are assessed based on their personal religious beliefs rather than on their needs,” NCCM executive director Ihsaan Gardee said.


Citizenship and Immigration Canada officials told Immigration Minister Chris Alexander earlier this year that Canada could accept 3,000 more government-assisted refugees in 2015, 2,700 in 2016 and 4,700 in 2017.




Cops finally charged with assault – but only against muslim!S

November 5, 2014

It’s pretty obvious that cops these days are almost NEVER charged with any crimes, even when caught on video, like the Stacey Bonds incident here in Ottawa. It meandered through the courts, each “judge” asserting “I don’t sees nuthin’ here! Dose cops did nuthin’s wrongs!”


So imagine my great surprise today, when I saw a small article in the same rag, titled Two officers charged with assault.

(From the Ottawa Citizen, Tuesday, November 4, 2014, P.# A3.):

“Two Ottawa police officers have been charged with assault for their alleged actions during an arrest last spring.

The officers, Const. Erin Cavan and Const. Jordan Blonde, each face one count of assault.

The charges are in connection with the arrest on May 1 of 32-year-old ISMAEL AWALEH.

The charges were announced Monday by Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit.*

The two officers are to appear in court on Dec. 16.

Awaleh was charged with assault, breach of probation, obstructing police and drug possession after his arrest.

The SIU is an independent civilian agency that investigates reports of death, serious injury or sexual assault incolving police officers.”

*NO, IT’S NOT. In fascist, racist “liberal” Ontario, the Ministry of the Attorney General itself is full of racist panderers to islam, traitors to rationality and civilization who go out of their way to slander innocent citizens for honestly reporting about islam.

Ontario Judges can’t even be appointed without first being vetted and approved by a hardcore MUSLIM propagandist. Even the so-called Ontario Ombudsman’s office is full of hatefully slanderous little liberal racist accessories to all islamic crimes.

Muslim columnist can’t understand islamic violence, fears “backlash”

October 31, 2014

More lies from the fifth-columnists in the fourth estate here in the nation’s capital, at the Ottawa Citizen:

Originally titled, in the print edition (Thursday, 30 October, 2014, P.#C6), as:


Mohammed Adam: How Muslims responded to last week’s shooting in Ottawa

From left, Royal Canadian Mounted Police D.T. Critchley and Wayne Rideout, sit beside BC Muslim Association members Aasim Rashid and Musa Ismail during a media conference on Friday, Oct. 24, 2014 at the Burnaby, British Columbia mosque where the gunman who carried out an attack in Ottawa had previously prayed.
From left, Royal Canadian Mounted Police D.T. Critchley and Wayne Rideout, sit beside BC Muslim Association members Aasim Rashid and Musa Ismail during a media conference on Friday, Oct. 24, 2014 at the Burnaby, British Columbia mosque where the gunman who carried out an attack in Ottawa had previously prayed.Rachel La Corte / CP

When the first reports of the shootings at the War Memorial and Parliament Hill began to filter in last Wednesday, my heart sank for the victims. And I was hoping against hope that the shooter, whoever he might be, was not a Muslim.

Few people realize that for many Muslims, any time there are reports of a mass shooting or killing of any kind, there is a particular additional stress in addition to the stress and sadness all people feel. Usually the first rule is to establish whether the perpetrator is “one of us,” and based on the answer, breathe easier or go into a deep funk.

If you belong to a group that has to wear the sins of some madmen who claim to share your faith, you are often on tenterhooks the moment something bad happens.


It was the same last Wednesday, and many of my friends and acquaintances would later acknowledge similar anxiety. Watching events unfold that dreadful day, I hoped the attackers (as initial reports suggested) would be caught to spare the city more bloodshed. At the same time, I was also hoping that whoever was involved would not be a Muslim. Alas, it was not to be. As soon as the first pictures of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau in a keffiye, (the Arab headscarf) appeared, we all knew. His middle name merely confirmed the obvious. Our worst nightmare had become reality, and Islam was back in the dock. Simply because an attacker is identified as a Muslim, we are all tied together, and as much in the dock as him – and there’s very little anyone can do about it.


Thankfully this time, the coverage in the Canadian media was measured as we all struggled to come to terms with the events, and understand what might have motivated this troubled shooter.



The problem for Muslims anytime someone claiming to belong to the faith picks up a gun or a bomb and kills, is not just the stain these mindless acts leaves on the religion. Or the suspicion cast on all Muslims, with women in particular facing harassment because their hijabs give them away. The real problem is the utter helplessness of their situation.


If you are a Muslim living in Ottawa, Edmonton, or for that matter Kuala Lumpur, and minding your own business, you are still expected to carry the burden of malcontents like Zehaf-Bibeau, a petty criminal, drug addict, and according to his mother, mentally ill. Many Muslims struggle to understand why the collective is often held responsible for the actions of individuals they have never heard of, or agree with. But there are never easy answers to these questions. THE BUSINESS OF MUSLIMS IS TERROR.


What we can all agree on however, is that the slaying of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, and the storming of Parliament are an affront to all of us.


We need to find solutions together, and what Muslim leaders in particular can, and must constantly do, is what the imam at the Dar Assunnah mosque did in his sermon at the Friday prayer following the attacks.

Mohammed Mostefa, the imam for the day, delivered a ringing denunciation of the shootings and other forms of violence. He told the congregation that Canada is as much their country as anybody else’s, and they have a duty to keep it safe and secure. He quoted extensively from the Quran and the Hadith (the sayings and practices of the Prophet Mohammed) to drive home the point that violence of the kind we have been witnessing recently is not the way of Islam.


What happened at the War Memorial and the Hill is not Islam, he said, and no one should be in any doubt about that. It is a message that needs to be drilled in again and again.


Post script: As the media and parliamentarians shower praise on Sergeant-at-arms Kevin Vickers for killing Zehaf-Bibeau, somebody should spare a word for Samearn Son, the unarmed security officer who first confronted the shooter, tried to take his gun, and was shot in the foot. Methinks he is the original hero.

Leftist Ottawa Citizen Traitors Defend Terrorists

October 31, 2014

Reading this crap is what I have to put up with on a daily basis!

And it’s the most likely reason why low-information Canadian citizens still defend islam, like this:

(From: )…!

On Tursday, October 30, 2014, P.#C6, this commentary by the entire Board was originally titled


From here:

Editorial: Both theories about Zehaf-Bibeau could be right
Ottawa Citizen Editorial Board

Mug shot of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau (Vancouver Police Department mugshot)
Mug shot of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau (Vancouver Police Department mugshot)

Vancouver Police Department

In the aftermath of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau’s attacks at the National War Memorial and on Parliament Hill, there are two competing narratives: That he was a radicalized homegrown terrorist who lucidly planned his attacks in deference to a sick ideology, or that he was a mentally ill, drug-addicted man who couldn’t find the help he needed to turn his life around before it ended in one final, desperate act.

These two descriptions need not be mutually exclusive, however. If a mentally ill man latches on to a cause, it doesn’t make him any less mentally ill, or any less an adherent of the cause.

No. Islam was created, and its Qur’an written, by a mentally ill/immorally criminal man: Muhammad. SO all followers of islam, called “muslims,” embrace “mentally ill” behaviour. But “mental illness” itself doesn’t really exist, unless neurologically (brain-chemical hardware malfunction) based; otherwise, it’s just bad (software; programming) habits, reversing cause and effect, like all victim-blaming confirmed masochist criminals always do!

And to acknowledge the possibility of mental illness is not to absolve an individual of responsibility.

Actually, YES, IT IS – at least, that IS the most common, legally accepted point of view these days.

One could argue that Zehaf-Bibeau’s angry rant at a ServiceOntario outlet about soldiers killing civilians — as described by several witnesses to the Citizen’s Glen McGregor — was one sign among many that he was a budding terrorist.

One could also argue that ranting about global conflicts in a quiet office setting until being told to leave is a sign he wasn’t of sound mind.

Nonsense. Ranting about injustices to the very people who cause them, is never a sign of insanity, no matter how calmly deluded the criminals are, or their (therefore) peaceful quiet office setting surroundings. But ranting about the injustice of punishing criminals for their crimes, as you all do, IS.

One can be either a justly angry person accusing calm criminals, or an unjustly angry criminal ranting against calm and innocent civilized people. The exhibited behaviours are only circumstantial at most.

The truth, as usual, probably resides somewhere in the middle, and if we fail to look at it that way, we risk overreacting to one factor while failing to address other vulnerabilities.

In other words: “All criminals are victims, too! And if we fail to tolerate criminals AS victims, that lack of tolerance makes US the real criminals! Whee!”

It’s easy to say “Zehaf-Bibeau committed a terrorist act on Canadian soil, ergo we must significantly beef up anti-terrorist legislation — privacy rights be damned.”

It’s harder to admit that his final act, like many plane crashes, was not the result of one problem, but a tragic confluence of them.

So, to these liberals, deliberate islamic crime is only a “tragic accident, like a plane crash!” (But I’m willing to bet they didn’t mean “like a plane-crash CAUSED by muslim terrorists hijacking said plane”)!

It is indisputable that Zehaf-Bibeau embraced terrorism. He made contact with another radical, who is now believed to be fighting in Syria for ISIL. He made a video reportedly promising to act in God’s name in opposition to Canada’s foreign policy. He attacked civilians.

It is also indisputable, however, that Zehaf-Bibeau exhibited strange behaviour and was hooked on crack cocaine. He bounced around homeless shelters and correctional facilities, at one point asking to stay in jail so he could get clean.

But didn’t his islam prevent his drug addiction? Islam is against intoxication, so it’s not an excuse! And most islamic terrorists carry out criminal acts very similar to those this guy did, but without a drug excuse! Besides, most if not all “addictions” are habitual alibi-excuses embraced by masochists after the fact, to pretend to justify their chosen masochistic behaviours!

So while the shootings may fit into a broad definition of “terrorism,” it’s also important to remember that Zehaf-Bibeau’s spiral was a societal failure that needs to be discussed alongside any attempt to boost anti-terrorism legislation.

He was born a muslim, of a Libyan terrorist father and a complicit leftist mother; HOW is any of that a “FAILURE OF SOCIETY” as a whole?! Unless you mean “Civilized society shouldn’t fail any of its helpless citizens as children by letting their delusive parents indoctrinate them into islamic crime!”

Nah! Not a chance! You’re libertine “liberals” (criminals who always want to “progress” to “freedom” from self-restraint, always looking for the best idolatrous excuse to justify your masochistic and self-induced paranoid desire to attack everyone else first, before they can “inevitably” attack YOU first! Whee!)

In the end, it may be that getting help to vulnerable people, before ISIL trolls on the Internet ensnare them, would prevent many more potential strikes than weakening judicial oversight of police activities would.

So any and all of the islam-indoctrinated “holy” criminals are really only helpless, “vulnerable” people? If true, the solution is to BAN ISLAM!


It isn’t, it may never be, totally clear why Michael Zehaf-Bibeau turned into a killer, but that’s one more reason to tread carefully, and thoughtfully, when considering our reaction to his crimes.

In other words: “While we can’t be certain why the muslim committed his Qur’an-mandated crimes, one thing is for sure: that if we carelessly and unthoughtfully react to his crimes by calling them crimes, it will definitely be all our fault, being hateful racists!”

Dear Libtards: we don’t do any of these criminals any favors by pretending that they are not only not responsible for their crimes (because, as perpetual victims, they have no free will) and even worse, we actually do them a total dis-service by giving them endless lists of alibi-excuses for their criminal desires, too!


October 26, 2014

The racist UN gives over HALF of their (our!) entire global fund for refugees EVERYWHERE on earth, to the so-called “palestinians” (Arab squatters occupying JUDEA, HEBRON and Samaria).

“Follow the money.”  This video maps it for us. I do not trust Mossab, but what he says here is 100% true. The translations of sermons and speeches are accurate. The images are authentic. 

Only one fact is missing: HAMAS = ISLAM.  Google “Charter of HAMAS” and read it all, with special attention to Art. 9.  Read the following linked Qur’an verses and ahadith. While Bukhari 52 is open, read the entire book. Then read Book 53, only then will it all make sense. 
3:151, 8:12,39,57,60,65,67, 9:5,29,38, 39,111,120,123, 33:26,27, 47:4,49:15, 59:2,13, 61:10-13; Sahih Bukhari 1.7.331 & 4.52.220 

Please share this vital information, make it go viral.

-Al Dajjal-