5 Reasons To Blame Feminism For Mass Shootings

Dang! Cantwell nailed it again! I don’t agree with his puerile anarchy, but when he’s right, he’s right:

The usual suspects have come under fire in the wake of a mass shooting that left 9 victims and the shooter dead at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. Guns, mental illness, racism, masculinity, religion – I already went over much of this in a previous article. In that piece I summed the problem up to a widespread detachment from reality that pervades throughout much of human society these days.

5 Reasons To Blame Feminism For Mass Shootings

One of the most extreme and destructive sources of that departure is modern feminism. Say what you will about the women’s suffrage movement, but the particular brand of feminism we’ve been barely surviving for the last 60 years makes a PCP induced attempt at unassisted human flight look scientific by comparison.

Despite the obviously ridiculous nature of feminist assertions, a very significant portion of the population of the United States consider themselves feminists. Roughly 20% depending on which polling you take more seriously, and an alarming 82% say they believe in the ridiculous notion of “gender equality”. Those ideas translate into political action, and social tensions.Whenever public policy an social norms are fundamentally at odds with the realities of the ontological structure of the universe and human biology, you can expect catastrophic outcomes.

So while this list of reasons to blame feminism for death, destruction, and misery could go on for an eternity, here are just 5 that spring to mind immediately.

1. The Feminisation of Males

Claims of “toxic masculinity” being to blame for mass shootings and violence in general are perhaps the most insane thing we hear after every mass shooting. While it is fine to observe that males commit the majority of mass shootings in America, you never hear about these crimes being committed by strong, confident, successful, masculine types. It is always some effeminate little shit whose life is so miserable, going down in a hail of gunfire seems preferable than to continue in it another day.

Had these guys learned to be men instead of being raised on the verge of transgenderism, they would have the drive to compete in society, to build healthy relationships with women, and to succeed economically. When one strives to do better than others, has an active sex life, and money – dying senselessly and being remembered as heartless murderer has little to no appeal.

But when you grow up thinking that masculinity is evil, and doing your best to renounce the very nature of your gender as a result – suicide is the only way out. Worse than that, the evil violent imagery they’ve associated with masculinity suggests that doing violence to others on the way out is a way to reclaim some portion of the masculinity they’ve lost on the way out.

2. The Rape Culture Myth

As alluded to earlier, male violence is often caused by feelings of inadequacy. One of the ways in which men find validation in their manhood is their ability to gain sexual access to women. If a guy cannot get laid, he is sure to feel inadequate. This isn’t so hard for men to overcome, as long as they don’t buy into feminist horseshit.

Despite the feminists’ most desperate attempts to emasculate and feminize men, they will never have sex with the people stupid enough to buy into their nonsense. Their academic communist absurdities are no match for their innate biological need for a strong, confident man.

The rape culture myth has men terrified that they ought to be asking permission to kiss, avoiding sex with women who drink, and walking on eggshells in all of their sexual advances, for fear of being deemed a rapist. How much confidence can a man display if he is afraid his sexual advances will have him put on trial for a crime murderers and thieves look down their noses at? Not much.

Giving into the fears feminists compel upon society condemns a man to a life of lonely celibacy, that leads to extraordinary feelings of inadequacy, and hopelessness.

3. Divorce, Single Motherhood, and Early Education.

When they fail to turn women into lesbians, or get them to abort their babies, feminists love to spout off about how wonderful single motherhood is. Their rampant efforts to denigrate and ultimately do away with males altogether have led to skyrocketing rates of divorce and children being born out of wedlock. Nearly 70% of divorces are initiated by women, and women win nearly all child custody battles.

When boys are raised without both parents, particularly without a male role model, it is extraordinarily difficult for them to learn to be men. They are more likely to be indoctrinated with the aforementioned feminist nonsense. They are more likely to be abused as children. They are more likely to live in poverty, use drugs, and have serious psychiatric and psychological problems.

Thus it should come as no surprise that most of your mass shooters are the sons of single mothers.

When these “empowered” single moms go off into the workforce and abandon their kids to public schools and daycare centers, who do you think makes up the majority of the staff there? You guessed it. Women.

Women are birthing, alienating the fathers of, and then educating the next generations of serial killers, mass murderers and violent criminals. Is it any wonder they so often choose schools as their targets?

4. Depressed Economic Opportunity

In addition to the fact that 44% of single mother households live in some degree of poverty, and despite the best efforts of fake MRA leftists to say otherwise, feminism is a decidedly leftist ideology. That means higher taxes, increased regulation, ever expanding dependence on the welfare state, and an ever worsening sense of economic determinism where striving to succeed seems pointless.

Nearly all mass shooters are planning on dying in the process, and people who have a bright future rarely end their own lives. If you want a mass proliferation of mass shootings, then just keep on telling people that success is evil, and voting for government policies that discourage it or make it impossible.

5. Gun Control

Another reason mass shootings usually happen at schools is because schools are notoriously gun free zones – until the killer shows up, that is. If you want to kill a lot of people, it helps to make sure your victims aren’t going to shoot back.

You rarely hear Republicans advocating greater restrictions on firearms, but Democrats sure do. 32% of Democrats identify themselves as feminists, while only 5% of Republicans do.

So while feminists scream about fictional rape culture, they simultaneously advocate for the political party that makes it most difficult for them to carry a gun, and defend themselves against a rapist. In the process they also pave the way for mass shootings.

Even when gun control advocates get their way and pretty much all private gun ownership is outlawed, you just end up like England, the most violent country in Europe.


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