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October 31, 2015

From HERE:

Strategic Engineered Migration as Weapon of War

After reading the title, you may think it is describing the phenomenon that Europe has recently been facing: the hundreds of thousands of refugees, both victims of the hardships of civil wars and opportunists, who are invading the Balkans by land and by sea and then making their way further, trying to reach richer countries like Germany, France and Scandinavia by any means possible.

It would seem that this stream of refugees has objective reasons: armed conflicts and wars have been going on in Libya, Syria and Iraq for many years, while the situation is also turbulent in Palestine and Afghanistan. In Tunisia and Egypt, meanwhile, both of which experienced the Arab Spring, the situation also leaves much to be desired. Hardly anybody is taking notice of Bahrain, where opposition protests have been brutally suppressed for years, while in Yemen, air strikes are even being carried out on wedding processions. The location of these two states is not very convenient, however – there is simply nowhere to flee. There is also another important detail: camps are being built for Muslim refugees in Saudi Arabia, but nobody is going there for some reason. As a last resort, they stay in Jordan and Turkey.

Is there also some general reason for their frantic desire to flee so far from their homeland? Wealthy relatives who have already settled in the European Union, perhaps? Or stories about welfare benefits on which they will be able to live comfortably? After all, to make such a journey they have to pay handsomely for the services of smugglers. According to some reports, these smugglers take between $4,000 and $10,000 to transport a single refugee from Syria or Libya to Europe. Even if this person has wealthy relatives abroad, receiving money via bank transfer is impossible in war-torn Syria. Organising transportation on credit clearly involves certain guarantees, especially considering that the boats often sink in the Mediterranean.

Who is providing guarantees that encourage hundreds of thousands of people to rush from other continents to Europe and why?


Researchers have discovered a very interesting fact related to the use of social networking sites. It has come to light that calls on Twitter for refugees to travel to Germany have mostly come from the US. The time spent practising in other countries has not been in vain – from Iran during the 2009 presidential elections to Egypt and Tunisia, where the role played by social networking sites in mobilising the population was considerable.

What we are seeing now is the practical implementation of theoretical calculations of a strategic nature. Such strategies have been under development for a long time. One of them is a study by the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University that bears the name “Strategic Engineered Migration as a Weapon of War“, which the author also uses for the title of this article. The study was first published in 2008 in the Civil Wars journal. Using a combination of statistical data and case study analysis, the author of the work, Kelly Greenhill, provides answers to the following questions: can refugees be a specific type of weapon, can this weapon only be used in wartime or in peacetime as well, and just how successful can its exploitation be? On the whole, Greenhill answers these questions in the affirmative.

In fact, researchers at the Belfer Center, along with researchers from other departments at Harvard University, have been working on designing strategies for conflict management in the context of broader foreign policy issues for many years. The director of the Belfer Center, Graham Allison, was an assistant secretary of defence in the Clinton administration. As well as this, the Center also funds the research of a special task force devoted to Russia.

The US is only pretending to sympathise with Europe, which is being hit hard by the migratory wave. In a recent article by Richard Haass, president of the influential globalist organisation Council on Foreign Relations that deals with European issues, the use of the word “managing” with regard to the migration crisis in the European Union was no accident. Savouring the problems being faced by Europe as a result of the influx of refugees, Haass notes that the US has both an obligation to help the European Union and strategic interests with regard to Germany and Europe as a whole. Despite this “obligation to help”, however, there has been no help at all from the US either in controlling the illegal infiltration of European countries or in terms of the temporary settlement of refugees.

There is also another interesting fact. On 15 September, Barack Obama signed an executive order on the use of behavioural science techniques in public administration. The most recent branch of behaviourism, known as “Nudge”, is nothing more than the latest way to manipulate people. The hand of Cass Sunstein, who previously worked at the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Obama administration, can clearly be seen here. Along with a British colleague, he co-authored the book Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth and Happiness, in which psychological manipulation techniques in the context of everyday life are hidden behind fine words. (Incidentally, Sunstein’s wife is Samantha Power, United States Ambassador to the UN.) There is no doubt that the ‘nudge’ technique will be used far beyond the borders of the US.

The most effective weapon, however, both metaphorically and literally, may be those migrants capable of setting up a small guerrilla group to carry out subversive terrorist acts on the new territory. It is rather interesting that the US is not just playing host to the ones who seem the most ‘promising’ for this, but is also granting them refugee and resident status as well as the official protection of the US government.

As far as one can judge from a recently leaked internal document, a special report to US Congress for the 2014 financial year on the issue of migration prepared by the US Department of Homeland Security states that in 2014, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services applied 1,519 exemptions to individual applicants granted refugee status, resident status, and the official protection of the US government. And the most interesting thing is that in one way or another, all of these people have links with terrorist groups and extensive experience of subversive activities.

The list includes old allies of Washington from among Cuban exiles, Kosovo Liberation Army militants who for some reason cannot live well in their own artificially created state, and many other covert and overt allies of the US. There are members of the Nationalist Republican Alliance from Salvador, most likely those who shot political opponents during the Cold War and are now hiding from justice. There are fighters from the Democratic Movement for the Liberation of Eritrean Kunama – ethno-separatists who are opposed to the Eritrean government. There is the Tigray People’s Liberation Front from Ethiopia and the Oromo Liberation Front from the same country.

The list also includes activists from the Burmese Chin National Front and its military wing, the Chin National Army, which are members of the so-called Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO). Members of the Karen National Union, including militants of the Karen National Liberation Army (an ethnic group living in Burma and Thailand) also received a quota to live in the US on the spot.

Refugee status was given to 49 former Iraqi citizens from the Iraqi Democratic Party, the Kurdish Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. The list of “1,519 exemptions” also includes members of other organisations that have devoted many years to armed conflicts.

One can only speculate on the kind of future wars the US has in mind if it is planning to use such specific migrants as a weapon.


Source: Leonid Savin, Strategic Culture Foundation, 26 October 2015

The Two-State Libtardation

October 11, 2015

From here:

Three Cheers for Terroristine

We need a terrorist state. Where the politicians are terrorists, the police are terrorists and even the men sitting at the desk when you come in to drop off a form are terrorists.

There are states that support terrorists, and give safe harbor to them, but that’s not good enough. We don’t want another Pakistan or Iran. We’re not half-assing it this time. What we want is the genuine article. Terrorists from the top down. Terrorists everywhere. A state where every branch of government and the entire country is nothing but terrorists.

Terroristine has been an ancient dream since 1973 or was it 1967. A generation of keffiyah draped thugs, KGB operatives and human rights activists have looked out into the darkness and called it into being. It is a vision of a country where everyone is a murderer and children are taught from a very young age that their purpose in life is to die killing people who don’t share their religion.

And now after decades of negotiations, treaties, suicide bombings, mutilations, billions of dollars in vanishing into Swiss bank accounts and the death of its Egyptian born leader of AIDS– Terroristine is closer than ever to coming into being.

Abbas, its unelected dictator, who has struggled long and hard so that one of his sons might have his own cigarette monopoly in Gaza, has come to the UN to promise that Terroristine will have “will actively contribute to the achievement of economic, cultural, and humanitarian progress of civilization.”

And who can doubt him? Certainly not Terroristinians who don’t have elections or a free press.


BIN-OpEd-Experts-300x250(1)Terroristine, whose noble flag (that looks like nearly every other Arab flag) flies over the UN, has done wonders for civilization. Consider the airplane hijacking. The suicide bomber. Has there ever been a civilization that did as much for civilized living as the Terroristinians?

Every time you get groped at an airport, thank Terroristine. Without the Terroristinian contribution to civilization, you might actually be able to get on a plane in peace. Or visit the Twin Towers.

The Terroristinian contribution to human progress is unquestionable. But only one thing stands in the way of it unleashing its full Terroristinian potential for all mankind.

Them. Those pesky people who live in that country that is always in the way. You know the ones, with too many Nobel prizes, newly invented tomatoes and microchips. They stand in the way of the great cultural contributions of Terroristine. They must die so that Terroristine must live.

They must be thrown out of their homes, village by village and city by city, so that the noble Terroristinians can plant their rockets on the rubble of their houses, the charred remains of their fields, and point them at their cities.

Trying to end terrorism by creating a terrorist state is like trying to put out a fire with more fire. It can’t work, but we must try. So that we can say that we tried. Over and over again. We’ll keep trying until we run out of land to try with. And people to try with.

Until there’s nothing left but Terroristines everywhere. Until all the world is Terroristine. The question is can we make it happen? Yes, we can. Oh sweet Allah, yes we can.

Israel must return to the 1967 borders, which are really the 1948 borders. Why are the borders of the 1948 war, so much better than the borders of the Six Day War? Because the Terroristinians came closer to winning that war. Came closer to driving the Yahood into the sea and ululating over miles  of their corpses.

But the dream failed. Farmers armed with outdated rifles. Volunteer pilots from America and Canada. Refitted cargo ships filled with half-dead men, women and children straight from the camps. Used Czech artillery. They held off the armies of seven Terroristinian nations. Farm by farm, they stood off tanks and infantry. In Jerusalem, they fought for every house. And so the Zionist entity survived.

Allah curse them. They survived.

But now it’s back to 1948 again. Every war undone. Every defeat turned to victory. Cut Jerusalem in two. Drive out the farmers. Burn their land. Dig up their graves. March the borders back to 1948. And fly the Terroristinian flag over dust and rubble. Had they won in 1948 or 1967 or 1973, there would be no Israel and no Terroristine. The land would have become part of Syria, Egypt and Jordan. And only when the mobs of the faithful would drive out the tyrants to replace them with Islamic states, would there finally be a Terroristine.

But despite what Abbas says, there is still hope for a two state solution. And we must do everything in our power to salvage the two state solution so that there will be a state of civilization on one side and a state of terrorists on the other. Hospitals here, launching pads there. Schools here, bomb factories there. Life here, death here. We all know the story. Olive trees and bomb belts. Rocks and dead families in burning cars by the side of the road. Children with their throats cut.

A dream. A nightmare. Who even knows anymore.

Why do we need Terroristine? Peace. There can be no peace without a terrorist state. Not a chance of it. The only way we’ll ever have peace is to give the terrorists a country of their own. A country dedicated to terrorism. Only then will the Terroristinians finally give up on all the killing, and dedicate themselves to medical research, quantum mechanics and the arts. It hasn’t happened yet to. But it’s bound to.

After decades as an autonomous territory, spreading death and destruction, it’s time for Terroristine to finally be recognized as an independent state. With contiguous borders cutting Israel in half. It is the only hope for peace in the region. Would Sunnis and Shiites be killing each other from Yemen to Iraq? Assuredly not. The moment the flag of Terroristine rises above the wounded hills, and its peaceful anthem, “Palestine is My Revenge” is heard in the land, then a great echoing sigh will rise up from the mouths of one billion Muslims. And the violence will cease.

The international community is impatient. They want Terroristine and they want it now. Whatever Israel has offered in the past, it isn’t enough. It must offer more and more. Whatever it takes. We know the Terroristinians want their own state. Every time they walk out of negotiations or end them with a round of terrorist attacks, it shows their deep and abiding passion for a state. They want it so badly they aren’t willing to make a single concession for it. Or even negotiate for it.

That’s how committed they are to realizing their great dream to Terroristine. And who can blame them? Have any people suffered the way the Terroristinians have? (Besides all the people the Terroristinians have killed over the last 1,400 years.) Have any other people been wholly subsidized by a UN agency dedicated only to them? Have any other people inspired such a stylish fashion statement? No more excuses. The world demands Terroristine. Middle East peace demands Terroristine.

How much longer can Israel expect to draw out the necessary concessions with weak justifications about terrorism. We know they’re terrorists. That’s why we’re giving them a state. If they weren’t terrorists, they could go to the back of the line with the Jews, Kurds and Armenians.

From one corner of the Muslim world to the other, a cry goes out. “We Are All Terroristinians.” They cry it it Cairo and Damascus, in Tehran and Islamabad, in Dubai and Paris. They mosques go up, the asses go up and the bombs go off. And off to the peace negotiations we go.

Everyone is impatient. Everyone is on fire. Especially the Terroristinians. Jewish store windows are smashed in London, Terroristinians butcher Rabbis in Jerusalem synagogues, fuming Terroristinians shoot up American recruiting centers. And the crowds cheer. “We Are All Terroristinians Now.”

It is a great day, I tell you. A great day for negotiating. ISIS impatiently beheads infidels to create its own Islamic Terroristine. In Afghanistan the word goes out, “We are the Taliban, we are the Afghan people, we are Terroristinians.” In Egypt and Turkey, they cry, “Khaybar Ya Yahood”. Churches burn. Soldiers die. The smoke rises to heaven. A man waits in line at the airport. His passport is Dutch, Welsh, German, American, it doesn’t matter. He is a Terroristinian. Yallah.

One day the borders of Terroristine will stretch from Spain to Pakistan. Or beyond. Why settle for Jerusalem, when we can have London, Paris and Hamburg too. Why settle for anything at all? Allah is generous to the believers. Our people are in Africa. Even China. The Great Satan himself bows toward Mecca. The old governments are falling. The pawns of the Kufir are fleeing before our eyes.

We are all Terroristinians now. There is no other book on our shelves than the Koran. No law but Sharia in our hearts. And no nation but Terroristine. The ghost of Chamberlain stands outside No. 10 Downing Street promising peace. A Terroristinian refugee beheads him and holds up his spectral head to the cheers of the crowd. Rockets sail through the sky. The crowd cheers. Hip Hip Hooray. Hierosylma Est Perdita. Three cheers for Terroristine.

Reprinted with author’s permission from Sultan Knish Blog

Dear Martians

October 11, 2015

This is by Gavin McInnes, over at Taki’s Magazine – as Fat Tony sez: “It Is Funny, Because It Is True!”


Last week, NASA confirmed that there is water on Mars. This could be some kind of cross-promotional hullabaloo for the movie The Martian, which came out this week, or it could mean there’s life on Mars. If it’s the latter, it behooves us to provide a welcome letter for Martians to get acquainted with our planet.


Welcome to America. We are members of a cultural group called “The West” and it’s generally understood the West is the best. America is known as the best of the best. We’re the ones who sent you the signal and it’s likely we’re the ones you’d most like to deal with from here on out. We’ve been sending out signals for a long time so we’re going to assume you’re at least partly familiar with our culture up until the end of the 20th century. There have been some drastic changes since then, however, and we will try to make them clear.

Virtually every industry of note in this country is still run by white males. These are the guys who sent you the message, for example. However, this group has fallen out of favor recently and is now called the patriarchy (the messages we sent you are now considered sexist and we’ve hired a woman to make sure we don’t mess up your planet). The guys who made us the best of the best are now considered the worst, and to facilitate this message, a massive information campaign has arisen that derides truth, logic, science, and math. In today’s America, up is down and right is wrong.
“Muslim kids wear NASA shirts now because NASA is no longer about the guys who sent you the signal. It’s about Muslim pride. I know, it’s weird.”

Three of the most revered women in the country right now, Caitlyn Jenner, Laverne Cox, and Janet Mock, are men. Gender is no longer a thing. We reward anyone who promotes this idea with, well, awards. Any show or movie that even alludes to transanything is showered with presents and all you have to do to win any competition is grow a beard and put on a dress. Ivy League schools have replaced the pronouns “he” and “she” with “ze,” “hir,” and “hirs” because “they literally don’t have any information” (oh, and “literally” doesn’t mean “literally” anymore—it means “not literally”). When doctors try to provide information and point out that gender dysphoria is a mental illness, they are seen as boring old fuddy-duddies. To quote a man who cut off his penis and balls, “It’s mostly the medical community who sees the sexes as male or female.” It’s now reasonable for little boys to take female hormones. They also may take hormone blockers that postpone puberty so their sex change will go smoother even though the suicide rate for post-op transsexuals is still very bad. The definition of child abuse keeps changing and if you’re not down with pedophiles, you’re a “monster.” Refusing to vaccinate your child is not child abuse and third-trimester abortions are nothing compared with a doctor who shot a lion.

When physicians spew hate facts such as it’s much harder to have a baby after 35 and nearly impossible after 40, they’re accused of sexism. About half a million Americans die of obesity every year but to be fat is to be healthy and to be fit is to starve yourself. To notice someone is fat is to hate women. If we want to know how men and women should properly interact, we ask a woman who is twice divorced by 30 and claims to be an “aspiring vegetarian.”

Race is also over. A prominent member of the NAACP was a white woman who put brown cream on her face and curled her hair. She’s transracial so she can do blackface but it’s still very much verboten in any other context. A prominent member of the Black Lives Matter movement is a white man who defines himself as black but refuses to wear any coloring cream. Oh, sorry, #BlackLivesMatter is a movement founded on the assumption that a guy had his hands up who didn’t, a man was choked to death who wasn’t, and a kid wasn’t attacking a man when he was. It’s funded by a Jewish billionaire whose agenda seems to be nothing more than wreaking havoc. Though gun violence is almost exclusively a black thing, it is portrayed as a white thing. If there’s a mass shooting, the shooter is a white supremacist until he’s black and then he’s a gun nut. Inanimate objects are now blamed for violence.

Though race is a social construct, it’s difficult to find something that isn’t racist. Neighborhoods are racist. The president is trying to force affluent white communities such as Connecticut to take in lots of poor blacks from the projects even though that area houses many middle-class blacks who moved there to get away from the projects. Everything Southern is racist. Lady Antebellum are one of the most popular musical groups in the country but using the word antebellum (which just means “pre–Civil War”) will likely get your company shut down. We are currently digging up the bones of anyone considered too antebellum. There’s also a motion to erase a gigantic statue called Stone Mountain, an act formerly considered a type of terrorism.

Abroad, things are much more confusing. We are at war with a nebulous enemy loosely defined as extremist Islam. They’re kind of like the Nazis in WWII and the moderate Muslims are kind of like Germans who didn’t support the Nazis. You may remember the internment camps we subjected German Americans to in the ’30s and ’40s. Today, we bend over backwards for Muslim Americans and if one of them brings a fake bomb to school, the president will tell him it’s “Cool.” Muslim kids wear NASA shirts now because NASA is no longer about the guys who sent you the signal. It’s about Muslim pride. I know, it’s weird.

Speaking of queer, gays are out of the closet. A few years ago, our current president and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton were against gay marriage but today that will get you fired. The entire Catholic Church has been deemed immoral because they refuse to change the traditions they’ve been following for thousands of years and it’s against the law not to have homosexual weddings in your living room. It’s also racist if you don’t want to have sex with them.

However, if you force yourself to have sex with them, it might be rape. This crime is no longer restricted to the law. Like the medical community, the police are considered old-fashioned and the judicial process is now left to academics. A lot of things are rape nowadays. Farting is rape. Giving birth is rape. Drunk sex is rape. Looking like a rapist is rape. Sex you regret later is rape. Actually, I think all sex might be rape. It gets really complicated because sometimes hoaxes end up becoming real movements. By virtually every metric you can measure (including rape) men have it worse than women, but American sexism has never been a more pressing issue. In the non-Western world they mutilate girls’ genitals and stone them to death for being raped. Gays are thrown off buildings. Christians are crucified. There are about a dozen honor killings a day but the United Nations is focused on feminist bloggers who get insulted by white men online (a metric where men also get it worse).

To discuss any of this is a thought crime. America has all but abandoned the First Amendment. Saying the wrong thing, whether intended or not, will destroy a man’s vocation. At universities things are much worse. There is no need to punish students for violating speech codes because such a thing can’t happen. In today’s learning institutions, you may only debate censorship if you’re there to defend it. Opposing views are not allowed on campus at any Western universities.

I apologize if all this sounds confusing. That’s what happens when you erase thousands of years of tradition with nothing left to replace it. You are visiting us during an era of propaganda and sabotage as was predicted in the attached book, The Death of the West. They claim it’s about equality but the movement is so anti-truth, we don’t know if that’s true. Many assume these saboteurs are just jealous ingrates who want all the benefits of the system without any of the hard work but we cannot yet verify this. If you are getting this message much later than 2015, you are likely entering what used to be called the Third World but is now just the world. Judging by the countries that have successfully ousted the white male patriarchy, this is likely not a place you’ll want to visit. You’ll be tempted to use our people as a food source as we presently do with our inferior species. Please don’t. It’s unethical, and right and wrong used to mean something to us. If you are teaching your Martian children about our planet, please focus on pre-20th-century America.

Thank you and God bless,

NOTE TO NASA: Please keep updating this document as more things that are untrue become accepted as facts.

5 Reasons To Blame Feminism For Mass Shootings

October 4, 2015

Dang! Cantwell nailed it again! I don’t agree with his puerile anarchy, but when he’s right, he’s right:

The usual suspects have come under fire in the wake of a mass shooting that left 9 victims and the shooter dead at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. Guns, mental illness, racism, masculinity, religion – I already went over much of this in a previous article. In that piece I summed the problem up to a widespread detachment from reality that pervades throughout much of human society these days.

5 Reasons To Blame Feminism For Mass Shootings

One of the most extreme and destructive sources of that departure is modern feminism. Say what you will about the women’s suffrage movement, but the particular brand of feminism we’ve been barely surviving for the last 60 years makes a PCP induced attempt at unassisted human flight look scientific by comparison.

Despite the obviously ridiculous nature of feminist assertions, a very significant portion of the population of the United States consider themselves feminists. Roughly 20% depending on which polling you take more seriously, and an alarming 82% say they believe in the ridiculous notion of “gender equality”. Those ideas translate into political action, and social tensions.Whenever public policy an social norms are fundamentally at odds with the realities of the ontological structure of the universe and human biology, you can expect catastrophic outcomes.

So while this list of reasons to blame feminism for death, destruction, and misery could go on for an eternity, here are just 5 that spring to mind immediately.

1. The Feminisation of Males

Claims of “toxic masculinity” being to blame for mass shootings and violence in general are perhaps the most insane thing we hear after every mass shooting. While it is fine to observe that males commit the majority of mass shootings in America, you never hear about these crimes being committed by strong, confident, successful, masculine types. It is always some effeminate little shit whose life is so miserable, going down in a hail of gunfire seems preferable than to continue in it another day.

Had these guys learned to be men instead of being raised on the verge of transgenderism, they would have the drive to compete in society, to build healthy relationships with women, and to succeed economically. When one strives to do better than others, has an active sex life, and money – dying senselessly and being remembered as heartless murderer has little to no appeal.

But when you grow up thinking that masculinity is evil, and doing your best to renounce the very nature of your gender as a result – suicide is the only way out. Worse than that, the evil violent imagery they’ve associated with masculinity suggests that doing violence to others on the way out is a way to reclaim some portion of the masculinity they’ve lost on the way out.

2. The Rape Culture Myth

As alluded to earlier, male violence is often caused by feelings of inadequacy. One of the ways in which men find validation in their manhood is their ability to gain sexual access to women. If a guy cannot get laid, he is sure to feel inadequate. This isn’t so hard for men to overcome, as long as they don’t buy into feminist horseshit.

Despite the feminists’ most desperate attempts to emasculate and feminize men, they will never have sex with the people stupid enough to buy into their nonsense. Their academic communist absurdities are no match for their innate biological need for a strong, confident man.

The rape culture myth has men terrified that they ought to be asking permission to kiss, avoiding sex with women who drink, and walking on eggshells in all of their sexual advances, for fear of being deemed a rapist. How much confidence can a man display if he is afraid his sexual advances will have him put on trial for a crime murderers and thieves look down their noses at? Not much.

Giving into the fears feminists compel upon society condemns a man to a life of lonely celibacy, that leads to extraordinary feelings of inadequacy, and hopelessness.

3. Divorce, Single Motherhood, and Early Education.

When they fail to turn women into lesbians, or get them to abort their babies, feminists love to spout off about how wonderful single motherhood is. Their rampant efforts to denigrate and ultimately do away with males altogether have led to skyrocketing rates of divorce and children being born out of wedlock. Nearly 70% of divorces are initiated by women, and women win nearly all child custody battles.

When boys are raised without both parents, particularly without a male role model, it is extraordinarily difficult for them to learn to be men. They are more likely to be indoctrinated with the aforementioned feminist nonsense. They are more likely to be abused as children. They are more likely to live in poverty, use drugs, and have serious psychiatric and psychological problems.

Thus it should come as no surprise that most of your mass shooters are the sons of single mothers.

When these “empowered” single moms go off into the workforce and abandon their kids to public schools and daycare centers, who do you think makes up the majority of the staff there? You guessed it. Women.

Women are birthing, alienating the fathers of, and then educating the next generations of serial killers, mass murderers and violent criminals. Is it any wonder they so often choose schools as their targets?

4. Depressed Economic Opportunity

In addition to the fact that 44% of single mother households live in some degree of poverty, and despite the best efforts of fake MRA leftists to say otherwise, feminism is a decidedly leftist ideology. That means higher taxes, increased regulation, ever expanding dependence on the welfare state, and an ever worsening sense of economic determinism where striving to succeed seems pointless.

Nearly all mass shooters are planning on dying in the process, and people who have a bright future rarely end their own lives. If you want a mass proliferation of mass shootings, then just keep on telling people that success is evil, and voting for government policies that discourage it or make it impossible.

5. Gun Control

Another reason mass shootings usually happen at schools is because schools are notoriously gun free zones – until the killer shows up, that is. If you want to kill a lot of people, it helps to make sure your victims aren’t going to shoot back.

You rarely hear Republicans advocating greater restrictions on firearms, but Democrats sure do. 32% of Democrats identify themselves as feminists, while only 5% of Republicans do.

So while feminists scream about fictional rape culture, they simultaneously advocate for the political party that makes it most difficult for them to carry a gun, and defend themselves against a rapist. In the process they also pave the way for mass shootings.

Even when gun control advocates get their way and pretty much all private gun ownership is outlawed, you just end up like England, the most violent country in Europe.