To deal with Obama’s minimum wage orders, McDonalds replaces staff with robots.

From here:

When it comes to Minimum Wage, Ronald McDonald has a better idea…


McDonald’s has decided to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and deal with the issue of a higher minimum wage. At their recent stockholders meeting, the company admitted that they would, sooner or later, have to deal with the reality of such a minimum pay requirement.  They also said that such a wage was impossible for their franchisees to pay to workers and still remain competitive in the area of price.

As a result, the company has announced that starting late next year they will start replacing personnel with Auto Clerks. No longer will you see the familiar uniforms standing behind the counter with smiling faces when you enter the store. Hence forth, all front counter staff will be replaced with computerized clerks. The automated clerks will look similar to the familiar ATM machines we all use every day. There will be one white shirted “Crew Leader” behind the counter, but his only job will be to make sure the Auto Clerks keep functioning and oversee cleanups.

When you enter, you will simply give your order to the Auto Clerk by punching in the pictures of what you want on a touch screen. The Auto Clerk will then calculate the cost of the items, send the order to the kitchen, assign you a number, and take your money. You will be able to use cash, or credit and debit cards. You will get your own drinks, napkins and condiments just like you do now.


The savings to the company is obvious, instead of having 10 workers standing around making 7.50 an hour, there will be two persons in the kitchen filling the orders, and a manager keeping things running smooth. Total cost to the store owner is 48.00 per hour. Under the old system, the cost would be over 80.00 per hour. Of course there will be a net loss of 70% of the jobs in the restaurant, but as Hillary Clinton recently said, “private business doesn’t create jobs.” The change will allow the company to remain competitive for the next 15 to 20 years.

Part of this story is satire, part is not. Do some research and find out which is which.


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