BipartisanTREASON: FAIL on Syria and ISIS

NewsFlash_2From here.

Obama administration concludes its “strategy” on ISIS isn’t working, draws exactly the wrong conclusion: we need to remove Assad first, then go after ISIS. Naturally, top Republicans are voicing support…



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17 Responses to “BipartisanTREASON: FAIL on Syria and ISIS”

  1. dajjal Says:

    To defeat IS, either send every G’d’d ‘slime on a one way trip to Hell or cause them to quit believing in Allah, his threat & promise. Those are the only two options, there are no others.

  2. dajjal Says:

    Bashir AssWhole is irrelevant to IS. Both are Muslims. Both are our existential enemy. Eliminate either one and the other remains. Remove both and Islam remains. Remove Islam and they are all gone.

    • vladdi Says:

      Assad is a far more secular and nationalist muslim than the hardcore extremist ISIS jihadis are.
      Bush should have helped Saddam destroy the Saudis, and the new Congress should help Assad against ISIS.

      Obama created ISIS to fight Assad, and now they’re off their leash – but he’s still determined to help them by destroying the only one in the region who is motivated to, and capable of, stopping them for attacking him – Assad.

      • dajjal Says:

        Evil is evil; there is no lesser evil where Isdamn is concerned. Shrub should have ushered all of them into Hell the day after the Accursed Abomination.

        Any and every ‘slime satrap is unacceptable.

  3. dajjal Says:

    IS is the toxic fruit of Arab Spring, which is the toxic fruit of Shrub’d damn fool democracy project. IS is al-Qaeda continued and extended, nothing new. It is simply Islam in its purest form.

    • vladdi Says:

      Yes it is, and if he suckers the USA in to attacking ISIS’ main enemy, Assad, the criminal muslim Obama will be directly helping ISIS expand its Caliphate.

      • dajjal Says:

        Right on, Unk! Where Islam goes, blood flows. Afgnhanistan, Iraq, Tunisia & Libya light the way to Hell for Syria.

  4. dajjal Says:

    Muslims are given the demonic mandate to impose Islam on the entire world by force if subversion and fraud do not succeed.

    They are promised eternity in Allah’s celestial bordello: two houris who constantly grow new cherries each time they are popped, eat and drink without excreting and never menstruate. Plus they get 70 Jewish and Christian women taken from the fire to bang for eternity.

    They are threatened with eternal damnation if they do not wage war on the world. Given that threat and promise, with certitude that both were true, what would you do?

    Islamic violence stops when Muslims cease to believe, not before. Make it happen.

  5. dajjal Says:

    This is the wretched cmnt. I tried to reply to:
    Fuck All Of You • 7 hours ago

    I cannot believe how many idiots I see on this chat agreeing with what this woman did. I’m serious, how in the world was this a good thing.

  6. dajjal Says:

    My new reply:
    Speaking truth to power is a good thing. Warning of approaching evil is a good thing. Christine did both. Insulting people, which you do with your screen name is a bad thing.

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