Cops finally charged with assault – but only against muslim!S

It’s pretty obvious that cops these days are almost NEVER charged with any crimes, even when caught on video, like the Stacey Bonds incident here in Ottawa. It meandered through the courts, each “judge” asserting “I don’t sees nuthin’ here! Dose cops did nuthin’s wrongs!”


So imagine my great surprise today, when I saw a small article in the same rag, titled Two officers charged with assault.

(From the Ottawa Citizen, Tuesday, November 4, 2014, P.# A3.):

“Two Ottawa police officers have been charged with assault for their alleged actions during an arrest last spring.

The officers, Const. Erin Cavan and Const. Jordan Blonde, each face one count of assault.

The charges are in connection with the arrest on May 1 of 32-year-old ISMAEL AWALEH.

The charges were announced Monday by Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit.*

The two officers are to appear in court on Dec. 16.

Awaleh was charged with assault, breach of probation, obstructing police and drug possession after his arrest.

The SIU is an independent civilian agency that investigates reports of death, serious injury or sexual assault incolving police officers.”

*NO, IT’S NOT. In fascist, racist “liberal” Ontario, the Ministry of the Attorney General itself is full of racist panderers to islam, traitors to rationality and civilization who go out of their way to slander innocent citizens for honestly reporting about islam.

Ontario Judges can’t even be appointed without first being vetted and approved by a hardcore MUSLIM propagandist. Even the so-called Ontario Ombudsman’s office is full of hatefully slanderous little liberal racist accessories to all islamic crimes.


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