Islam: Divine or Demonic?

Well-researched evidence of Satanislam!

Freedom Ain't Free & Take Our Country Back

Please send a link to your Pastor, Priest or Rabbi. Print it and give him a copy if he is not on line.  The world needs to know this vital information.

Islam Is Demonic

This post exhibits evidence proving beyond reasonable doubt that:

  • Muhammad, aka. Moe had a devil
  • Moe was demon possessed
  • Allah is Satan.

The evidence is found in the canonical texts of
Islam: Qur’an, hadith & Sira which are quoted and linked so that
you can verify the quotes and examine their context. [Emphasis added
for clarity.]

Moe had his hallucination in the cave at Hira, he feared for his
probity and sanity. There is some interesting information in Abu ‘Abd
Allah Muhammad Ibn Sa’d Ibn Mani’ al-Zuhri al-Basrí KITAB AL-TABAQAT

Moe reported strange perceptions and feared he was becoming a

Moe: Insane

Volume 1, Parts 1.45.4
‘Affan Ibn Muslim informed us: Hammad…

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