More PROOF of liberal media bias

When it comes to elections, the media are “fair weather fans.” When their favorite team (Democrats) are winning or favored, they can’t stop talking about the elections. They can barely contain their excitement.

But when things don’t look so good for their team, they’d rather talk about other things.

To prove this point, the MRC’s Kyle Drennen and Rich Noyes analyzed  every election story on the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts from September 1 through October 20 in both 2006 (George W. Bush’s second term) and 2014. (23 million people still watch network evening news – far more than cable news.)

What they found was amazing.

When Democrats were feeling good about their election prospects eight years ago, the CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News, and ABC’s World News aired a combined 159 campaign stories (91 full reports and another 68 stories that mentioned the campaign). But during the same time period this year, those same newscasts have offered a paltry 25 stories (16 full reports and 9 mentions), a six-to-one disparity.


ABC’s World News Tonight hasn’t mentioned the upcoming elections a single time since September 1!

Please take a minute to share this report with your friends and family. We know you have friends who don’t believe the media are biased. Send this to them and see what they say. Put it up on your Facebook page if you have one.

It would be easy to blame the nearly non-existent election coverage on the Ebola breakout, but the first U.S. case of Ebola wasn’t diagnosed until September 30.

And there were plenty of other news stories to cover in 2006, too – like the war in Iraq and Korea’s first atomic test – but they found room for 159 election reports.

It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here.



You’re going to hear about this study a lot in the coming days – on TV, on talk radio, and on the Internet. Be the first to share it with your circle of conservative friends and help us spread the word. While you’re at it, please ask them to sign out “Tell the Truth” petition.


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