Who Owns “Your” Government?

Lobbying – the act of attempting to influence decisions made by officials in the government, most often legislators or members of regulatory agencies.

What I am about to show you is not some hidden government numbers and not what some may call “conspiracy theories”.

The following numbers are publicly available and show just how far we have strayed from a country “by the people and for the people”. Lobbying has turned this phase into “buy the Congress for your people”.

Federal lobbying expenditures are above to $3.23 billion last year… that’s billion with a B. And these are just the official numbers, if you still trust them…

And of course Big Pharma is the number one single contributor. That comes as no surprise, after what I have shown you the past few entries.

Below you will find a breakdown by sector of the major contributors:

Sector Total
Misc Business $272,652,705
Health $251,694,259
Finance/Insur/RealEst $249,342,399
Communic/Electronics $196,560,292
Energy/Nat Resource $175,149,861
Transportation $110,883,263
Ideology/Single-Issue $69,816,353
Agribusiness $63,142,874
Defense $62,287,641

Officially, the health industry lobby dwarfs Commercial banks and air defense lobbying.

Industry Total
Pharmaceuticals/Health Products $120,369,378
Health Professionals $46,709,968
Hospitals/Nursing Homes $44,438,551
Chemical & Related Manufacturing $36,549,440
Health Services/HMOs $34,722,870
Commercial Banks $30,049,453
Defense Aerospace $28,600,673

Do you still think Congress votes on your behalf?

And how about our President… well one has only to look at his official campaign contributions to know whose interests he’s really protecting:

RAISED $715,677,692
SPENT $683,546,548

Obama’s source of funds:

Again, these are just the official campaign contribution for 2012. Of course all the large contributors expect to receive some kind of compensation…so the president owes, officially, almost $500 million in favors… and this is just the tip of the ice berg!


-Jason Richards,



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