British Gov to enforce sharia blasphemy laws

Having once banned freedom scholars Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from entering not so great Britain (because of course the poor swarthy mentally inferior muslim animals would surely riot in protest,) Theresa May is still working hard on behalf of sharia blasphemy laws and against all Western free speech ones, as of October 1st, 2014:


Tories want to rein in “extremists”
(that means people who notice islamic crime, not the islamic “muslim” criminals themselves!):

Britain’s interior minister on Tuesday proposed new power to bar people with extremist views from appearing on television or publishing on social media, even if they are not breaking any laws. Home Secretary Theresa May told a conference of the governing Conservatives that if re-elected next year, the party will introduce civil powers to disrupt people who “spread poisonous hatred” even within the law.

Source: The Ottawa Citizen, Wednesday, October 1st, 2014, P.#C2; also:


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4 Responses to “British Gov to enforce sharia blasphemy laws”

  1. Celtic and Proud Says:

    If Theresa May means what she says, then whatever legislation she proposes MUST target first and foremost every single jihadi, jihadi sympathizer, and all the assholes posting in droves pictures of their wonderful and peaceful Muslim buddies with cut off heads, and pictures of their lovely children playing with cut off heads, and pictures of their “brothers and sisters” carrying signs “No to Democracy, Sharia Law is Coming”. THESE are the people who “spread poisonous hatred” — not the people who are trying to expose them and defend democracy.

    • vladdi Says:

      Absolutely – all these “anti-hate-crime laws” the multi-culti’s create can and should be vigourously used against them and their equally-criminal muslim allies when the time finally comes.

      But Theresa May doesn’t mean what she says, in a universally objective sort of way, because she’s a subjectivist double-standard-weilding criminal masochist hypocrite, who expects only she and her cadre should enjoy civil rights, while the rest of us peons should only suffer perpetual responsibility towards her ilk.

  2. Amy Elizabeth Says:

    Who will stand up for the non-moslems after all, in the long run…

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