Islamic Conquest and Extortion

Islamic Conquest and Extortion by Kab Ashraf

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This pdf exemplifies deliaring of the Islamic assertion of passivity; that killing innocent people is harram. It displays pages 141, 212, 213, 214 & 216 of Hedaya, vol. 2 with the crucial clauses highlighted.

Those pages are complimented by relevant quotes from the Qur’an, hadith, tafsir Ibn Kathir and The Reliance of the Traveller with links to source texts.

The following points of Islamic law are displayed by the contents of this file:
1. Infidels may be attacked without provocation.
2. Muslims are obligated to attack passive infidels at least once in each year.
3  The widows & orphans, real and personal property of Infidels are plunder for Muslims.
4. If Jihad is not carried out, the Ummah is in a state of sin.
5. Not believing in Allah is an evil which must be removed by Islam or death.
6. Imposition of Jizya is a punishment for not beliving in Allah.
7. Jizya is imposed in lieu of death.

This file is free for all.  Please download it, study it and upload it to other groups.  Link to it in your replies to al-Taqiyya/


3 Responses to “Islamic Conquest and Extortion”

  1. vladdi Says:

    It seems to me there’s only 3 sentences in the Qur’an that *might* be considered relatively harmless:

    1. There is no compulsion in religion
    2. to you your religion, to me, mine
    3. If you kill one man, it is as if you killed all of mankind.

    To dispel these myths, one must first read the very next lines LOL and then understand the doctrine of abrogation; i.e:

    “Forget what I just said – allah can change his mind if he wants to, so from now on, when I say kill all the infidels until doomsday, I really mean it!”

    -“Allah” (Muhammad)-


  2. QuotingIslam Says:

    Tweeted this.

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