Are Catholics Really Muslims?

Every year at family gatherings, I learn more about the liberal ‘mind’ from my “progressive” relatives … especially from the one who, like the new Pope, is a progressive liberal Catholic himself.


One of their favorite tropes, (and of course backwards, idolatrous alibi-excuses to do nothing) it seems, is that “Since Christianity worked out all its sectarian differences, and the muslims are a few (!!!) centuries behind us, all we have to do is to wait for them to sort themselves out, too! Whee!”

As if islam will become all peaceful (because weren’t Jesus and the early disciples also once all bloodthirsty warlords, too?) on its own, once it has its “protestant” reformation and the Sunnis and Shiites reunite at last (thus presumably leaving them with only all the world’s infidels to concentrate their collective enmity upon)!

At the base of this vapid idiocy is, of course, liberal racism – as if all Arabs are muslims, and vice-versa; as if Arabia were some sort of isolated cultural region in which islam just organically grew as a diversely equal culture all on its own, and, as such, has the inherent right to exist and to in fact overcome and destroy our culture, if it proves to be ‘superior’ to ours (because they can and intend to out-breed us with their multiple wives = multiple warriors every year, strategy, for instance)!

(And at this point in the conversation, my Catholic and gay relatives all high-fived each other in unseemly eager anticipation of the demise of our culture at the bloody hands of the superior islamic one – I kid you not, this actually happened)! I had to remind them that islam was only a crime-gang whose ‘muslim’ members always blamed a version of “god” for their own criminal desires.

So, to sum up: I think he meant that, if the Western Catholics hadn’t had a Protestant movement, then we’d all have regressed to islamic, muslim-like barbarity as some part of our “natural cultural evolution,” too.

Which to my mind, means my Catholic relative’s relativism has equated himself, by means of his circuitous tautological reasoning-avoidance process, aka the slanderously victim-blaming argumentum tu quoque critical thinking logical fallacy [“islam isn’t evil because we (i.e: you) all do it, too! Whee!”] with any given muslim on the planet.

And besides (he continued) since most muslims (especially if they’re non-Arabic muslims, which he can concede might exist) allegedly don’t know about their islamic world-conquest imperative, then it doesn’t really exist at all anyway, so why worry about it? It’s not like he has a duty or intention to defend anyone else, much less even himself or his own children, from others’ only hypothetical threats; that’s what he defers his responsibilities to think for him self by paying all his equally fact-averse, liberally progressive politicians for, isn’t it?!

And yet, back here in objective reality, one might be so rude as to remind the family liberal (who happens to be Catholic himself, in my particular familial case) that Arabia itself was full of Christian and Jewish Arabs (and many “diverse” pagans, of course) who all sorta mostly got along with each other along religious lines, if not on tribal ones, before the advent of Muhammad the bandit-king in the 7th century, who rapidly caused at least half of Arabia to be genocided during both his own conquests and immediately after his own death during the resulting Riddah (apostacy) Wars.

So islam didn’t grow organically as a natural “Arabic cultural choice” at all – it was imposed by brutal, violent force of terror on an unwilling populace by extortionist criminal gangsters!

And the Arabs aren’t reclusive desert nomads, quaintly ignorant of all the historical ins-and-outs of Jewish and Christian reform movements – in fact, the Arabs witnessed most of it before being forced into islam, as they WERE all Jewish and Christians back then!

So the Arab muslims were well-aware of all the tenets of both Judaism and Christianity, and consciously rejected their reforms in favour of barbarism!

They aren’t just innocently benighted savages, stumbling around like amusing children whom we should allow to find out the various but objectively universal truths to be discovered, as part of their own natural evolution on their own. Far be it from us to tell them they’re only criminals! Who are we hateful racists to judge their presumably ‘racially’ inferior cultures, as inferior? Perish the (liberal cultural) thought, along with our hatefully superior, bigoted racist culture, if need be!

And so I must, however forcibly, interject: NO, Dear Catholic (and ‘Gay’) Liberals, it’s NOT the “perfectly natural right” of criminal islam to conquer us, too!

“Whee” indeed.




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