Liberalism Is Crime, by definition!

These days, “Liberals” are only Fascists – totalitarian conformist extortionist criminals – who, like all the other varieties of tribal leftists, pretend to worship group-might-makes-rights, while all true right wingers still only stand for individual self-reliant responsibility and universal individual human rights.

It’s almost a chicken versus egg philosophical difference – do groups (of individuals) “create” (and so, own) all individuals, as their subordinates, or are individuals only to enjoy the protections of rights, because all groups or extortionist gangs (of individuals) are still really only individuals, who should not be afforded might-made rights?

Obviously, if groups have rights, then all individuals don’t, because all non-members of the mightiest groups are automatically discriminated against and so have less rights.

It’s those very same “Classical liberal” Enlightenment values or self-reliant responsibility and individual human rights, that today’s Conservatives are trying to “conserve,” while the libertine “liberal” criminals revel in their notion of “progressively” looking ever “forward” to having no rules nor laws left at all to constrain only them selves. As with the old feudalist system, today’s liberals engage in group- might-makes-right extortion, claiming – as all criminals always do – to have rights without the corollary responsibilities to earn them; in fact, they want the right to remain irresponsibly wrong, while imposing on everyone else the
responsibility to become right (as in factually correct).

So all lefties (communazis, muslims) are really only total(“itarian”) conformists: extortionist group-might-makes-right collectivists; slanderously victim-blaming gangsters; criminals.

Both muslim and liberal idolaters love having predeterministic excuses to deflect from their own crimes: that there is no real evil, crime, nor criminals, because we’re really all only helpless victims – liberals say, of society, products of our environments, and muslims all claim to be helpless slaves of allah. They collect excuses like clipping coupons, so of course they’re interested in each other. Come to think of it, they are also both forms of infantile delinquency and criminally-negligent masochism, pre-emptively inflicting despair and failure, so as to be able to pretend to “control” it all; i.e: “Screw you – I MEANT TO DO THAT! Whee!”

They’re also both gangs of group-might-makes-right worshipping, “defensively” victim-slandering gangsters!

When they commit a crime, they claim (at most) it was a mistake, but not really “because we (i.e: you) all do it, too!” And when they make a mistake, they themselves usually turn it from mere negligence, into a case of criminal negligence, when they claim they had intended to do it in the first place (thus declaring their own criminal intent from the beginning which, even if it’s a pre-posterous lie, still proves they’re criminals anyway, because lying/fraud is still the most basic form of theft – it’s the theft of the Truth – and all crimes are forms of theft)!

Liberals (and all other criminals) don’t ever really think, situationally – because if they did, they wouldn’t be criminals – they only ever react and attack, because they had long since before now slanderously and “pre-emptively” decided at some point in their lives that everyone was out to get them. So they constructed a simple and ritualistic cookie-cutter like behavioural response pattern to fit all future occasions. And since their message always only amounts to declarations of pure, selfish evil, their pre-programmed, fear-based and almost instinctively reactionary tactics must by necessity always involve messenger-shooting, victim-blaming slander.

Once you’ve been proven factually wrong in public, you can no longer prove yourself right, so there’s only two possible responses left to you: admit it and thank your educator for enlightening you, or evasively try blustering to deflect attention from your mistakes, by distracting people with irrelevant examples of your accuser’s own mistakes, to attempt to “prove” them to be wrong, “too!” i.e: Blame your victims!

This is where people turn mistakes from mere negligence into criminal negligence, more or less by slanderously asserting: “Screw you! I meant to do that, because I knew you were gonna make me do it, so it’s all your fault! Whee!” Then they follow up with “There are no real crimes, because we all do it, too – even you make mistakes!” This is immoral relativism and the false, victim-blaming ’emotion’ of subjective “jealousy!”

Since they automatically pretend that everything’s relative, there is no real right or wrong, that it’s an absolute fact that there are absolutely no absolute facts, and that, since there’s no real cause and effect (or it’s too complex for any of us mere mortals to ever truly fully discover or understand) then all facts are only opinions, so therefore all the liberals’ entirely fact-free opinions are in reality the diversely opposite equals of the “conservatives'” silly objective facts!

They also thus often prefer to focus on WHO said something, rather than on WHAT was actually said.

So, never having any facts which would ever agree with their perpetual irrationality, the left must always resort to the slanderous evasions known collectively as the critical thinking logical fallacies – the deflective ad-hominem personal attacks, the distractive strawman red-herrings, and of course the immoral relativist’s favorite slander, the argumentum tu quoque – i.e: “Crime isn’t crime, and islam isn’t evil, because we all (i.e: you) do it too! Whee!” As if simply comparing many different categories of wrong, somehow made one of them into a right!

Isn’t it funny that people who actually have facts, rarely (if ever) seem to feel the need to indulge in fallacies?.

Main symptoms of ‘liberalism’ (criminality):

adversarial subjectivity and double-standards.

1. Suspend cause & effect, &:
2. argumentum tu quoque: blame others in order to dilute self-responsibility.

(Either there was no cause and effect to be avoided, or it’s your fault/not mine because we all do it, too)!

They want rights without responsibilities for only them selves, which means they must slanderously blame everyone else and assert that only everyone else has responsibilities towards them, and also therefore no rights to defend themselves from the liberals’ slanders; they have no rights at all to self-defense.

So liberals’ actions will always be pre-forgiven by use of the ‘passive voice’ grammatical tense – by removing cause and effect, everything is a tragedy which “just happens;” an act of God, all ascribed to pre-determinism; they are helpless victims of society, products of their environments, and slaves of allah.

Because of their eternally pre-emptively adversarial, ritualistic and idolatrous stance, they are unfit to govern even their own lives, much less others: they will automatically see any and all problems they are faced with, as unavoidable and predetermined forces of nature or acts of God which cannot be avoided, much less conquered – every problem, crime, or perversion presented to them for which they can be held accountable or responsible, they will seek to automatically compromise with and/or Submit to, preferably while blaming others for daring to suggest they had any other choice but to do so.

They are idolaters, always selling symptoms to avoid causes, and slanderously paranoid: always on the lookout for others’ outrages and crimes to defend themselves from or compare themselves to (argumentum tu quoque) to dilute their own even only potential culpability with. Those who are good at making excuses, are seldom good for anything else, as Ben Franklin once noticed. They will always secretly scheme to seek to selfishly, pre-emptively “defend” them selves, rather than ever risk beeing wrong in an effort to collaboratively cooperate with others in a symbiotic effort to come to understand an objective truth and thereby fix a mistake or solve a problem.

They will thus also by default automatically always end up exploiting unsolved problems by leaving them unsolved (thus committing criminal negligence), and act as solutions in search of problems, wanting and agitating to fix what’s not broken. They thus fail upwards and often get promoted for ruining everything. Their motto must be:

“There’s No Money In Solutions!”

Since children do have rights to be supported without responsibilities, liberal criminals will act like contentiously spoiled children in order to emotively induce their opponents into giving them concessions. They are criminally negligent adults, but play the victims, only acting like infantile delinquents in order to get away with committing their crimes.

Liberalism is CRIME, not a mental disease.

Calling it a ‘disease’ only gives those criminals who commit the crime of liberalism (i.e: these libertines who, like all criminals, only ever really want rights – like, to your stuff – without responsibilities – like, for having to earn or otherwise pay for it) an excuse!

Same with any and all ‘mental illness’ excuses – if it’s not some real, physical, and therefore ‘neurological’ (hardware) problems, then it’s the software, and that involves free-will mens-rea (criminal intent) choice.

But saying their crimes are the results of diseases, only gives them the alibi to say:

“I didn’t do it – ONLY my BRAIN did it! Whee!”




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