EDUCATIONAL FALLACIES: How the use of Critical-Thinking Logical Fallacies corrupted Education

I’ve noticed that the American educational system was hijacked by such as the irrational subjectivist (leftist) JOHN DEWEY, whose main thesis (as contested by his opponent, Lord Bertrand Russell,) was essentially that:

“Since there’s always a diverse multiplicity of causes and effects, we can never really know anything for sure, so, since all facts are really only opinions anyway, my subjective, fact-free opinions are the diversely opposite equals to your silly ‘facts!’ Whee!”

This nonsensical, irrationalist stance led immediately to the top-down, authoritarian promotion of the false notions that these education-salesmen’s child wards were entitled to an un-earned self-esteem “right” to not be “offended” by having their feelings hurt by the painful Truth; in other words, the “right” to remain wrong! And of course the lazy teachers all eagerly embraced this “Socratic method” of asking their kids: “Well, what do YOU think about it, Little Johnny and Janey? And remember: There are NO WRONG ANSWERS!” (Whee!) Saved them all the effort of ever actually having to teach anyone anything, didn’t it?



And this nannystate molly-coddling victimology-sales platform is why all the leftists are such infantile delinquents, and is why we must now endure so many contentious trolls avoiding the truth by using all the evasions, distractions and deflections known collectively as the critical-thinking logical fallacies (the distractive red-herring ad-hominem personal attacks, and of course the immoral relativist’s favorite, the argumentum tu-quoque) to shoot the messengers for daring to hurt their feelings by accusing them of their crimes of negligence!

Kids learn by observing their elders (monkey-see, monkey-do) and our us-versus-them, might-makes-right societal zeitgeist is based on the brazen rule of chaos and immorality which demands that everyone BUY (you) LOWest to SELL (me) as the most HIGH, to raise one’s Self above all others by tempting them to lower themselves, to sell victimology, & tell them what they want to hear.

The Advertising Salesmen who rule us all these days, always attack everyone else first, by advertising fear in order to sell us the ‘greedy’ hope of relief from their own initial threats of pain!

They endlessly demonstrate to our kids their own claims that only they have the right to be irresponsible, and only everyone else has the responsibility to be right (as in factually correct)!

Political Correctness IS Factual Incorrectness, & even small children can easily recognize fraud!

And so Leftists of all colours don’t think at all – they only react to fearing fear by wanting to form ever-larger groups to protect themselves from self-responsibility!

They lie to themselves, then to others, by pretending their new imaginings are old memories!
They thus always reverse cause and effect, to justify their image over reality preferences!

In fact, ALL infantile delinquent liberals pretend to imagine that:

“Since there’s always a diverse multiplicity of causes and effects for everything, not only are we all helpless victims before life’s complexities, but it’s also true that all facts are really only opinions anyway! So my subjective, fact-free opinion is the diversely opposite ‘equal to your silly objective facts! Whee! So, obviously we all need a bigger group to protect us from ourselves and from other dangerous groups! Only groups should have rights, and all merely fallible and so potentially dangerous individual human citizens should at most be assigned some temporary, revokable privileges! And furthermore, it’s only my right to be irresponsible, and only everyone else’s responsibility to be right (as in factually correct)! It’s my right to remain wrong, and to get you to pay for it! It’s my privileged liberal victimology entitlement dividend, and don’t you forget it, you hater racist bigots!”

Any further questions, suckers?


Yes, the problem is that liberals hate personal responsibility, so they avoid it by selling endless group-rights victimology scenarios instead. That way the cowards can pretend to be champions without risking the dangers of having to accuse any actual, individual criminals of their crimes!

And, (never having any facts which would ever agree with their perpetual, perverse irrationality,) the left must always resort to the slanderous evasions known collectively as the critical thinking logical fallacies (ad-hominems, red-herrings, and especially the immoral relativist’s favorite, the tu quoque – i.e: “islam isn’t evil because we all do it too! Whee!”).

Isn’t it funny that people who actually have facts, rarely (if ever) seem to feel the need to indulge in fallacies?

But hey, it’s deliberate criminal negligence: for, while no problem was ever solved by ignorintg it, their REAL MOTTO is simply: “THERE’S NO MONEY IN SOLUTIONS!” (Whee!) 

They only con everyone else into giving money to their group of self-promoting “crisis-relief management expert” SALESMEN! To those who always ignore the real, simple, permanent solutions to these temporary problems, in favor of exploiting the infinite symptoms of ignoring them into perpetually lucrative, “eternal crises” i.e: Please Give Generously – AGAIN!”



Karl Marx said: “Property IS theft!”

Which of course really only means:

“You owe me, because you earned stuff I didn’t bother to!”

Envy isn’t a real emotion – it’s only deliberately negligent, criminal slander.

“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

~ Winston Churchill

It’s always easier to blame someone else for your lack of motivation, than it is to actually take some self-reliant responsibility for your self. After all, if you try, you might fail!

It’s also the reason whiny Marxist atheists and Emocrat victimologists hate the idea of a good “God” – because one of their main evasive excuses is predeterminism (exactly like islam) where they get to say: “Evil isn’t evil because we all do it too!” and: “There is no real crime, nor any real criminals, because we’re all just helpless victims! The allah made me do it!”


Our backwards “Education system” pretends to a right not to fail, not just a right to try to succeed! They want rights without responsibilities, and unearned, ‘communal’ ownership!

In doing so, the educationalists pretending to be teachers give this “right” to them selves, as well – by discouraging, depriving and stealing from their child charges and wards, their rights to learn for them selves from the (often painful) truth, these “educationalists” grant them selves the right to remain irresponsibly wrong, too! Literally: no pain, no gain – but they want only painless gains!

Because to be given the false right not to fail is the theft of our right to try to succeed, these poor kids are being turned into infantile delinquents – into negligent criminals who imagine it’s their right to remain irresponsibly, ingorantly wrong, in stead of enjoying the responsibility to become right!

If the educationalists (education-salesmen and women) can’t fail their kids, then they imagine they can’t fail at their jobs… but, in doing so, they have already failed: they only ever encourage rights without responsibility, the ‘right’ to become spoiled little infantile delinquents and slaves to a nannystate society, when in reality we all only have the right to be responsible, to not attack others first, and the only real responsibility we’ll ever have, is to be factually right – and so to not attack others first! The right to remain wrong is a lie, and lying is the most basic form of theft – it’s the theft of the Truth.

And theft IS crime.

All crimes are forms of theft: offensive attacks that deny the attacker’s victim something they, not the attacker, are entitled to; basic robbery is theft of one’s stuff (and so is arson); kidnapping, assault, and rape are all thefts of one’s bodily autonomy, murder is theft of one’s life, and lying (fraud) is the theft of the Truth. And lying includes presenting one’s merely subjective, unresearched, fact-free opinion as if it were objective fact; i.e: pre-judicial slander! So, of course encouraging others – especially helpless children – to commit same, is also a major crime!

Our feckless and fickle, sales-driven society promotes only selfish greed, not truly universal hope, by advertising fear. Greed is hope limited by fear. And greed is the false notion that one can have rights without responsibilities (to others, by attacking them first, by denying them their rights); this falsely oblivious selfishness is criminal negligence!

Evasive idolatry, too, is criminal negligence: evasively pretending to have rights without responsibilities! All the so-called critical-thinkng logical-fallacies are acts of criminal negligence!

So is slander: the false right to accuse others, without the responsibility of gathering facts!

In fact, all crime (thefts) are based on the excuse one has a right to take another’s property, without the responsibility to give them any consideration or compensation!

And negligent criminality can be either aggressive (“It’s my right to attack you, for your own good! This (guilty feeling) hurts me more than it does you! Whee!”) or passive (“It’s my right to not help you, even though I’ve agreed to be contracted to provide help!”) – &/or both. Irresponsibly delinquent parents, too, may assume “It’s my right to do things TO you, because I also (have contractually agreed to) do things FOR you!”

It’s all based on the divide-and-conquer notion that fear and greed (or hope) are diversely equal opposites, and, sub-sequently, that one can ignore fearfully onerous responsibilities to have some greedily-hoped for rights without them!


2 Responses to “EDUCATIONAL FALLACIES: How the use of Critical-Thinking Logical Fallacies corrupted Education”

  1. unclevladdi Says:

    Sad to say, all of my very worst predictions are still being confirmed on a daily basis:

  2. unclevladdi Says:

    A Higher (cost) Education 101:
    Are you really going to pay your money to someone who says they’re smart to say you’re smart, too?!

    (Remember, everyone, the Salesmen’s creed is: “There’s No Money In Solutions”)!

    Ever since John Dewey, the “right to be irresponsible” has been endorsed by lazy teachers everywhere:

    “Since there’s always a diversity of causes and effects, we can never really know anything for sure! So, since all facts are really only opinions, anyway, then my subjective, fact-free opinion is the diversely opposite equal to all your silly, objective facts! Whee!”

    This gave them carte blanche to use the non-teaching, so-called ‘Socratic Method,’ to simply ask the Little Johnnys and Janeys in their care, what *they* thought of anything they were supposed to be learning about (“And remember, kids, there’s no wrong answers! Whee!”).

    Needless to say, this fostered these notions of the false right to an un-earned self-esteem, coupled with the putative right to not be offended by the painful truth.

    And the result of this spoiling and immoral mental corruption and self-indulgence, as we’ve all seen and have been increasingly forced to experience, is an ever-increasing number of self-important and contentious trolls.

    It will soon be “illegal” to accuse criminals of their crimes, because doing so might hurt their feelings!

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