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Yahoo hacked – will never admit it to the public!

February 16, 2013

Well, a company’s only as secure as it’s politically correct employee hiring policies.

Yesterday, one of my accounts got its password hacked and sent out spam allegedly from Venezeula.

Today, another Yahoo account of mine got it, this time allegedly from Turkey.

The hacker irreversibly changed all my preferences from classic to “new & improved.”

Naturally, although Yahoo alerted me that is had detected “suspicious activity” (namely, log-ins from very suspect locations) and advised me to change my PWs, it didn’t give a link to actually alert them about their lack of security/to confirm they and I had been breached … corporate responsibility is an oxymoron, since corporations are actually formed to avoid any and all self-reliant responsibility for the humans involved, behind the idolatrous facade of “the group:”


Venezeula is full of Chavez’s leftists, and Turkey is full of moslem jihadis (all conformists)! Not good.

I hate conformists … they are all criminal gangsters, always promoting their slanderous victimology scenarios and hiding behind their group-might-makes-right “argumentum tu quoque” fallacies: “Evil isn’t evil because we all do it!” and their idolatrous excuses for their crimes: “I didn’t do it – only The Group did it!* Whee!”

They’re all infantile delinquents, always trying to assert their false “right” to remain irresponsibly wrong. *aka: “Only The Procedures did it!” and/or: “It was a Systemic Problem – none of us humans did it; Only The System did it! Whee!” (Idolatry is any excuse to avoid human self-reliant responsibility … especially for those criminals who pretend the best defense is a good offense).


Good Riddance, Emperor Ratzi!

February 14, 2013


Ratzi’s own brother was in charge of ‘inquiries” covering up the institutional molesters in Germany.

Ratzi apologized to the moslems for that Manuel Paleologus quote, and then set up a lot of inter-faith dialogues; he Submitted to the islamic lie, and became a dhimmi while all across the globe, Christian churches were burned to the ground in accordance with only the most official islamic doctrine!

… and all this despite his being an acclaimed “islamic scholar!”