A Quick Intelligence Test for the Media and Government:

Dear Dhimmis:


Do you find you have taken the evil victim-blaming immoral stance of nannystater kindergarten teachers everywhere to heart, that:

“Attacking is always bad – even in self defense! We immoral relativists pretend to believe that: There can be no good without evil, no pleasure without pain, and no attacks without defenders!”(?)

Is your cowardly position one of knee-jerk surrender to the moslems’ threats of violence:
“We have to let the violent criminals do what they want to us, or else they’ll do what they want to us anyway!”

If so, I have a few quick questions for you, and for those pretending to be “our leaders” in government:

Q: Is it an absolute fact that there are absolutely no absolute facts? All facts are opinions?

Q: If you attack an innocent person, who has never harmed you or others, are you a criminal – or not?

YES – or NO?!

(AND – If you can find that someone else did so too, does that cancel your own criminality?)!


More specifically: Do you consider the following things (lying/fraud, extortion, torture, robbery, arson, kidnapping & ransoming, slavery, rape – including pedophilia – and murder) to be:

a) Holy religious rights and duties;
b) Crimes;


c) Not sure/unwilling to answer the question (?)

If you answered: (a) to the last question, you are a moslem; if: (b) you are sane – and probably a Conservative; and if: (c) you are a willing accessory liberal apologist enabler for the crimes of others (and so, a criminal negligent yourself)!



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