Uncle Vladdi

Uncle Vladdi



Those playpen “occupy”ing anarchist criminally negligent delinquents stand for NOTHING!

They have no right to use that Guy Fawkes mask, but have misused and soiled it anyway! So here’s a better one!



Conformists are, by definition, idolaters: You must believe their idols, (“idealized ideas”) or else! And of course their idols are simply excuses so they don’t have to think for them selves – so they can continue to remain delinquently criminal negligents (and yes, I just turned a verb into a noun – again)!


And, the “funny” thing I’ve noticed in all conformists (communazi/libs, moslems) is that what they insist everyone must believe in, is that NOTHING can ever really be believed in! Conformity itself is only the same, ages-old excuse for crime that ALL criminals use – of: “Might Makes Right!”


It’s ALWAYS a case of mindless Authority VERSUS true Morality! Because they want to have generalized, abstracted, (and thereby, irrational) hope without the rational fear of the mistakes and problems which cause the pains they fear, they are delinquents to them selves and to all others, too.


They are traitors to rationality and Civilization; criminals.


Immoral relativists absolutely insist that it’s a FACT that there are no facts, no absoute principles at all – so no one can believe in anything they say, because all they’re really saying is: “I give up – and so should you – or else!” It’s just the fear talking (picture a victim-blaming union guy saying: “That guy’s working too hard – so “he” makes the rest of us look bad”)!


Basically, liberals claim they are liberated because they are free to believe in nothing… to not have to think at all. They see and fear thinking AS pain.


Conservatives believe that fear is not pain, but only the memory of pain, projected to the future. Hence, fear IS thinking, and pain is what is caused by the mistakes of ignoring unsolved problems. They only ‘fear’ a conscious ‘god’ in that He/it/who is trying to advise them (perhaps only through their own subconscious minds, or conscientiously responsible  ‘consciences’) of mistakes so they can learn to avoid them; hence, conservatives have hope for the future (and so will plan and work for that future, today) while libs have no hope for tomorrow, and so will squander it in delinquent partying.


So of course such self-proclaimed “irrationalists” (delinquently criminal negligents) should be taken at their words (“We’re all non-compus-mentis! Whee!”) and never be believed, never be allowed to sign contracts, and be separated from the general populace of sane people by being sequestered in prisons, and be denied association (especially with helpless innocents, like children, so they can’t thereby tempt said innocents into becoming equally corrupt – because of course cowardice loves company)!


But, such victim-blaming delinquent criminals can’t ever really blatantly insist that they are non-compus-mentis, so they must always attack others first, and while they can’t insist in public (and expect to be believed, unless they’re Muhammad) that only they are right, while only everyone else is always wrong, they must settle for pretending to be everyone’s friend, that “we” all can never really know anything for sure (“since there’s always such a Diverse Multiplicity of causes and effects”) so there are no real criminals, because we’re all really only (god’s) helpless victims anyway! Whee!
These criminals MUST act as literal Devils – tempting everyone else to buy into their cowardly, fear-focused and pain-worshipping corruptions, too!

Fearing the fear their own personal choices of avoiding the responsibility to become right and solve problems brings, criminals (libs/moslems/conformists) will choose to inflict fear and pain on them selves, and on their own societies FIRST (thus stealing and denying ‘god’ the ability to attack them first!) by tempting those they percieve as stronger (too strong for them to attack directly, which, since they always pretend to see  Giving Up or Submitting to nihilism, as a holy vitrue, MUST include everyone – even their helpless, innocent children victims – anyway) to divide and conquer and attack them SELVES first; – so they will always try to sell their victim-blaming fears (aka slanderous “jealousy”) to their potential victims as guilt and helpful advice! (i.e: “It’s better not to try – that way you can’t fail! Whee”)!

They always insist on claiming:


Criminals divide and conquer, pretending to believe they can have greed without the fear of consequences, and rights (to your stuff) without responsibilities (of trading anything for it)!

They’d love to sell us all out by hustling us with their irrationally delinquent claims that all facts are really only opinions! Corporate criminal gangs love this, because then they can pretend that advertising fearsome threats to force us to impulsively submit to their tendered greedy hopes of relief from same, are really only “infotainments!” (Just Kidding, Kids!  Whee!) And their paid pet chucklehead delinquent presstitutes equally love the idea that they can lazily present their own slanderously fact-free opinions AS facts, in stead of having to do the hard leg-work involved in actually researching stories! So, of course, would those self-promoting salesmen in government we are forced to laughingly refer to as “our leaders,” and so are the educationalist-salesmen abusing our children’s minds by turning them into little cloned relentlessly greedy and contentious troll versions of these ‘adult’ adversarial salesmen and women, too! In fact, all those who have invested their own protection from, and dilution of,  real human individual responsibilities in the promotion of false idolatrous group-might-made-rights, are the deliberately negligent criminal enemies of all truly human individuals’ rights!

But we really only rationally have the right to be responsible, and the responsibility to become right: the “negative” right to not attack innocent others first, and to not be attacked first by others.

Thus we also have the responsibility to counter-attack and so deter those who do choose to break this Golden Rule of Law-based social contract, by accusing, trying, convicting and punishing them for their crimes. They don’t have the right to remain irresponsibly, ignorantly wrong by using the excuse that “there are no real criminals because we’re really only all helpless victims anyway!”


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