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Islam is ONLY a crime syndicate

March 29, 2011

Muslims are many more than FOUR TIMES AS LIKELY AS EVERYONE ELSE  COMBINED TO COMMIT MURDERS and all other kinds of crimes!

Historically, with waaaay less than 1/100th of the population, islam has been responsible for over HALF the murders in the entire world, ever since it was created 1,400 years ago! AND THAT INCLUDES ALL WARS, LIKE WWII!

Islam is responsible for over 270 million murders to date – that’s OVER A QUARTER BILLION INNOCENT PEOPLE MURDERED BY ‘THE RELIGION OF PEACE’ – SO FAR! Just Google “Tears of Jihad” for the historical break-down of the moslem’s many campaigns of hateful genocide!

And the only reason that rate’s now down to “only FOUR times more likely” to commit all crimes than ALL the rest of us, is simply because they’ve bred themselves to currently be 1/5th of the world population – it’s NOT because they’ve gotten any LESS violent lately!

You can’t “reform” the Nazi Party, Mafia, nor the Hell’s Angels, so why pretend you can reform the “holy mafia nazis” known as islam?! Holy Mobsters, Batman!

What’s ‘holy’ about islam, anyway? Is it the ‘holy’ human sacrifices (the ‘god’-mandated killing of ALL the non-muslims?) the ‘holy’ slavery? The ‘holy’ wife, slave and child rapes? The ‘holy’ thefts and lying to everyone, (thefts of the truth) all the time? Why let these primitive tribal head-hunters come here?!

The Qur’an is only a permanent, written threat – to forcibly convert or, when the conversion is declined, to enslave, and, if the slavery is resisted, to KILL ALL THE NON-MUSLIMS IN THE WORLD!

All threats are psychological attacks (aka: “terrorism”) and all attacks are already crimes!

So, Islam is ONLY a crime syndicate, and the only “religious” part in it, is where they say:

“God told us to commit these crimes!”



Secondly: muslims CAN NOT be trusted – ever! They CAN NOT swear true fealty to the US Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, nor to American Laws, BECAUSE they always act under duress, and are taught to lie to everyone (to family, friends, AND enemies) from birth (“Because God Says So!” – see sahih moslem hadith Book 032, Number 6303, minimum) and have to profess TOTAL loyalty to EVERY WORD in the Qur’an, (Sura 2:85, minimum) OR ELSE THEY WILL BE KILLED AS APOSTATES! (Sura 4:89, just for starters)!

And the Qur’an considers all “nations” to be man-made, false idols, which are ALL to eventually be destroyed & replaced with the global muslim ummah ruled by the theocratic caliphate government!! So, islam is inherently seditious to all national sovereignties, as well!

Finally, islam isn’t a religion, (because it seeks to rival the state in the secular, road-paving & taxation realm, and it breaks The Golden Rule of Law by blatantly stating that it WILL ALWAYS attack all ‘the others’ first!) …

Islam never agreed to the entirely Christian notion of the separation of church (mosque) and state (Jesus’ “Render Unto Caesar” advice) and instead opted to go with “Render The World Unto Muhammad!

Here’s islam’s entire “holy Message from god,” as exemplified in the words & deeds of it’s Founder:

“I will now save humanity by robbing, torturing, enslaving, burning, raping and killing everyone who disagrees with me – and you can, too!”



We have plenty of laws on the books to deal with crimes and crime-syndicates, no matter how ancient and well-established they may be! The only reason our police aren’t allowed to enforce them, is that the sales-puppets we laughingly refer to as “our leaders” have all been bought off by the Saudomite’s oil-money bribes, and had themselves and their families threatened with beheading by the Jihad. Right now, ONLY the enemy controls both the carrot and the stick binary of behavioural conditioning; against that power, what have we got? Only some empty (if entirely truthful) words.